Ghana Rugby League

Date: 23/5/18

The Rugby League European Federation and Australian-based charity Dev Inno Ltd have entered into a partnership to build cohesive, sustainable rugby league communities in the RLEF’s Middle East Africa region.

Dev Inno’s Sport for Life programme, aimed at promoting sport and education in developing nations, will focus on delivering technical training to coaches, officials and administrators, to increase the number of youngsters playing rugby league and to support growth.

The sport will be used as the vehicle to encourage school attendance, academic achievement and post-school outcomes including employment, enterprise and further education.

Dev Inno Ltd Director Shaun Cumming said: “We have been working with the RLEF’s MEA director Remond Safi for some time to formalise this arrangement. This partnership will allow Dev Inno to use the RLEF’s team and membership to encourage education prospects. These young people are the future leaders of the MEA region and beyond, and rugby league is a fantastic sport that can especially impart leadership qualities to its participants.”

RLEF MEA Director, Remond Safi added: “This partnership will ultimately increase the number of participants in our member nations and the social impact we have within them. It also provides us with a framework to receive other donations and sponsorship, and ensures accountability of our activities.”

Safi has just concluded a week-long visit to Cameroon, one of a cluster of four west African rugby league nations. The MEA region now encompasses two full members and nine observers. Safi expects at least two of these observers to become affiliate members this year.