Czech Rugby League

Date: 6/6/18

Czech Republic player/coach Ladislav Cintler has announced a 37-man train-on squad ahead of the opening game in European Championship C – North, against Norway in Vrchlabi on 16 June, which also doubles as the first match in the 2021 RLWC qualifiers.

’’The task ahead is daunting for us but the players are determined to show how the playing standard is improving year on year here,“ said Cintler, who draws his squad from a record nine clubs. ’’The chance to play for their country in a World Cup campaign has focused our players into working harder than ever, I cannot fault the effort and commitment.’’

Vrchlabi Mad Squirrels hooker Ales Pour, the Czech international player in 2017, added: ’’I am so excited to see the Czech Republic play in a World Cup qualifier, especially at my home stadium. Last year we improved as a national team and the experience I gained in that arena has made me a better player and even more of a fan of this great sport than ever before!’’



The biggest representation comes from Slavia Hradec Králové, whilst the Maňák brothers from French side Sporting Treiziste Toulon Métropole, who come from outside the CZRL development system, are also included.

Petr Sedina, veteran player and assistant coach, noted: ’’I have been involved in Czech rugby league for over 10 years now and these two games in Euro C are by far the biggest that we will have played in our history. We will savour every minute and take the experiences forward with us to make us stronger domestically and internationally.’’

Oldřich Chrbolka, Patrik Koliska, Ondřej Preininger, Tomáš Řičica (Chrudim Rabbitohs), Pavel Mikeska (Hodoním Black Angels), Antonín Berk, Jaroslav Bžoch, Konstantin Ďomockin, Petr Franta, Filip-Daniel Kittl, Tomáš Němeček, Daniel Veselý, Patrik Zendeli (Krupka Dragons), Lukáš Krištof, Pavel Mejstřík (Lokomotiva Beroun), Jakub Hudrlík, David Lahr, Dominik Machek, Aleš Pour (Mad Squirrels Vrchlabí), Roman Pavelek, Adam Petržela, Petr Šedina (Mikulov Roosters), Vladimír Mach, Kamil Havel (Orli Havlíčkův Brod), Ladislav Cintler, Marko Mećava, Tomáš Adamec, Jan Mudroch, Jan Říha, Jan Heininger, Pavel Pavlík, Adam Vojtěch, Richard Gach, Filip Špaček (Slavia Hradec Králové), Brian Jasiczek (Unattached), Josef Maňák, Ondřej Maňák (Sporting Treiziste Toulon Métropole)