Date: 14/6/18

Danny Kazandjian has been appointed to the role of Operations Manager for the RLIF after an exhaustive recruitment process.

Kazandjian, who is the current General Manager for the Rugby League European Federation, brings great experience of providing the practical support and guidance required to develop the operations of governing bodies in nations from inception through to maturity. His work has seen the membership of the RLEF grow from 20 nations in 2010 to 40 members in 2018.

In addition, Europe wide competitions have grown consistently and now include established competitions at Euro B and C levels as well as the European Championships and youth competitions.

Kazandjian has also led huge pan-European projects to support the development of excellent governance, match official development and coach education, many of which are supported by EU Funding.

RLIF Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Wood, welcomed the new appointment saying

“Danny brings a wealth of valuable practical experience which will be hugely supportive for every national governing body within our sport. He impressed the interview panel with his total commitment and passion for international Rugby League and the benefits that this offers to nations, clubs and individuals.”

“I welcome Danny to the RLIF team and I look forward to working alongside him, our colleagues within the RLIF and the membership to continue to develop and grow Rugby League across the globe.”

Danny Kazandjian, who takes up his position on September 1st, thanked the RLIF for the opportunity saying:

“I am really pleased to be joining the RLIF at such an exciting time in the organisation’s and the sport’s history. I have been privileged to work on a daily basis with the many diverse nations and colleagues that are part of the RLEF, and the opportunity to now work with and provide support to the entire global rugby league family, one that is growing every year, both in terms of capacity as well as the number of rugby league-playing nations, is one that I am truly relishing.”