A Great Game

There are few games out there that have a more dedicated fan base than rugby. Whether you prefer to watch it for the rough and tumble crashing of behemoths on the field, or for the more technical and graceful aspect of the sport, rugby continues to entertain the masses.

Rugby isn’t just about the game itself though, it is also great because it breeds champions. There are few more effective ways to sculpt a legend that in the throws of competition. Something about the struggle, the fire of the field forges legends.

The Big Players

There is something so majestic about watching someone at the height of their craft perform. There is a level of perfection and fluidity to it that is both beautiful and fascinating. That is why we put together a list of the best rugby athletes to ever play the game below

Sean Fitzpatrick  – A hooker from New Zealand with an incredible 92 caps, Fitzpatrick was known for being a no-holds-bar aggressive player. You don’t get to 92 caps by being shy on the pitch, and Fitzpatrick had the kind of killer instinct that propelled him to legendary status as a rugby player.

Philippe Sella – This French player was one of the most remarkable to play the game. With over 111 international rugby games played, you would be hard-pressed to find a more influential and well known rugby player. On top of his impressive amount of games played, Sella is also known for being one of only 5 players to score a goal in every game of a Five Nations season. Sella isn’t just a great rugby player, he is one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Andrew Gavin Hastings – Hailing from Scotland, Hastings is known as the only Scottish player to rank in the to 25 best rugby players of all time. In 2003 he was inducted into the Rugby Hall of Fame, ending any speculation as to whether his name belonged among the greats. Only ten years later he was put into the International Rugby Hall of Fame as well. He has been an important role model for aspiring Scottish rugby players. For many years Hastings held the record for most international points scored in Scotland with 667 points. The record held for many years until it was broken in 2008.

JPR Williams – There aren’t many places in the world that play rugby better than Wales. JPR is no exception to this rule. Williams is thought by many to be hands down the best full backs in the history of rugby. A well-rounded player, Williams could put the pressure on with his aggressive offense, and stonewall the opponents plays with his crushing defensive awareness and abilities. Defenders could not take their eye off of Williams for even a second, unless they wanted to risk dealing with one of his infamous breakaways.