Date: 7/10/18

Niue and Poland maintained their unbeaten runs on Day Three of the Emerging Nations World Championship at Kellyville Ridge today (Sunday 7 October), while Africa United and the Mediterranean-Middle East were first round winners in the Confederations Cup.

The Emerging Nations World Championship features 11 national teams and will culminate with the final on Saturday 13 October. The Confederations Cup competition is made up of players representing countries within regions that are in the early stages of their Rugby League development.

The next round of competition on Tuesday (9 October) will be played at the Windsor Sporting Complex and will feature the first of three Physical Disability Test matches between Australia and New Zealand, alongside Confederation Cup matches and the Emerging Nations Bowl Final (Solomon Islands v Japan).

Confederations Cup
Africa United 32 (Tries – Moung Dut 2, Obed Karwhin 2, Alphonso Payne 2; Goals – Obed Karwhin 4) def ASEAN 20 (Tries – Nathan Arnamnart, Thomas Sarangaya, James Workman, Richard Mante; Goals – Tyler Chant 2)
Mediterranean-Middle East 26 (Tries – Addison Demetriou 2, Hamza Anwer, D’rhys Miller, Khoder Mitwari; Goals – Addison Demetriou 3) def Latin Heat 12 (Tries – Sean Day 2; Goals – James Horvat)

Emerging Nations World Championship
Niue 24 (Tries – Justice Utatao 2, Latrell Schaumkel, Cyruss Payne, George Lolo; Goals – Jacob Samoa 2) def Philippines 12 (Tries – Paul Sheedy, Elvis Jensen; Goals – Jordan Bien 2)
Solomon Islands 32 (Tries – Moses Singamoana 2, Larvinstarr Tongaka, Timo Sanga, Steven Momoa, Henry Angikimua, Daniel Saomatangi; Goals – Eddie Moe’ava 2) def Hong Kong 12 (Tries – Lee Griffiths, Matthew Waugh; Goals – Richard Lindsay 2)
Poland 58 (Tries – Michael Maslanka 2, Ethan Niszczot 2, James Usher, Michael Bryan, Jamie Szczerbanik, Nathan Mikalowski, Robert Niedzwiecki, Evan Artsivourtis; Goals – Ethan Niszczot 9) def Japan 6 (Tries – Futoshi Karino; Goals – Futoshi Karino)
Greece 38 def Vanuatu 0 (details to come)

NEXT GAMES: Tuesday 9 October
Venue: Windsor Sporting Complex
Confederations Cup
1pm Africa United v Mediterranean-Middle East
2.45pm ASEAN v Latin America

Physical Disability Test Match
4.15pm Australia v New Zealand

Emerging Nations World Championship
5.30pm Bowl Final – Solomon Islands v Japan