French Rugby League


Date: 22/10/18

In response to the tragic events in the Aude Region of France, where floods have left more than 10 dead and others missing, the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) has sent a message of support to the French Rugby League Federation (FFRXIII) and the significant number of the rugby league family who have been affected in the region.


France, who play Wales at Carcassonne in a European Championship game on October 27th, have agreed to donate the receipts from that game to support the victims of the floods.

The RLIF has supported this gesture by donating the international levy payable, back to the disaster relief fund.

RLIF Chief Executive Officer Nigel Wood sent his best wishes saying:

“It is heart-breaking to see the pictures of this disaster unfolding in places that are so familiar to rugby league people around the world. It hits home very hard when we see anyone in distress, when those people are a part of our global family, we have to help where we can.”

FFRXIII President, Marc Palanques, said

“In view of the exceptional nature and the seriousness of the events that are now affecting the Aude region, I am pleased to announce that, the total receipts generated from the Women’s international match, France vs England and the European Championship game between France and Wales on Saturday 27 October, will be donated to the disaster victims of the department.”

“We all have our own reasons to go to the Albert DOMEC stadium in Carcassonne on Saturday 27th, here is one that surpasses all, to help in our own way those who have, in some cases, lost everything. “

Marc Palanques a déclaré : « Devant le caractère exceptionnel et la gravité des événements qui endeuillent aujourd’hui le département de l’Aude, j’annonce que l’intégralité de la recette de la rencontre France vs Angleterre (féminines) et France vs Pays de Galles du samedi 27 octobre (comptant pour le Championnat d’Europe 2018) sera reversée aux sinistrés du département.

Nous avions toutes et tous des raisons diverses d’aller au stade Albert DOMEC de Carcassonne ce samedi 27, en voilà une qui surpasse toutes les autres par son caractère particulier et la réaction unanime du monde treiziste pour aider à notre manière celles et ceux qui ont parfois absolument TOUT perdu. »