Nigeria Rugby League

Date: 19/12/18

A new Nigeria Rugby League Association has replaced the previous governing body as Observer members of the RLEF, following a number of inactive years by the old federation.

NRLA chairman Abiodun Olawale Cole, commented: “We have watched for too long wondering why a nation the size of Nigeria, blessed with so many athletes, are not a major force in the world of rugby league.

“We appreciate and understand the timescales required and are fully committed to growing the sport here. Our team firmly believe in our values being centred on exhibiting strong leadership, full transparency in all our dealings and upholding the name of rugby league in the highest esteem.”

Vice president and general manager of the NRLA is former professional player Ade Adebisi.

“It is welcome news to see a reformed and active Nigeria Rugby League,” said Remond Safi, RLEF Middle East Africa regional director. “NRLA have already gained official recognition from their local Olympic body and activity in Nigeria will also assist with developing international competition in the region and moving everyone forward. I look forward to working with them with the aim of enabling them to meet affiliate membership in the next twelve months.”