Russia Rugby League Coach Denis Korolev

Date: 18/1/19

In preparation for their 2021 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers with Scotland and either Greece or Norway in the autumn, Russia head coach Denis Korolev has been a guest at Toulouse Olympique, observing their season preparations for the UK Championship under former French international Sylvain Houles.
“I have long wanted to visit a professional team that performs at a high level,” said Korolev. “When you see their processes, ask questions, share and hear opinions and practices, that can only be good for developing your knowledge-base and experience. It was extremely interesting as well as useful.

“Sylvain’s entire staff gave me a wonderful opportunity, they were so prepared to share and I cannot thank them enough for that, they made my week with them immensely enjoyable as well as productive. Hopefully this is the start of a closer link between the nations too, that is the plan with the French Federation.”

Korolev, who is also president of the Association of Russian Rugby Klubs which helped preserve the sport in the country, observed Toulouse’s physical and classroom training sessions. He is also head coach of CSKA Moscow, for whom he played, gaining six international caps.