Roosters 2018

Date: 25/1/19 (Sydney Roosters 2018 NRL Grand Final Celebration – © Sydney Roosters)

What an event for Toulouse! The club will share a training day with one of the most famous clubs in Rugby League, the Sydney Roosters. It will take place on the 13th February in Paris, at the INSEP (Sport and Intelligence National Centre).


The NRL reigning Champions are coming to Europe to compete against the Wigan Warriors for the “World Club Challenge”, on the 17th February in Wigan. The Roosters will stay the French Capital to prepare for this clash.

A great opportunity for Sylvain HOULES to challenge his team against some of the best players in the World. This was made possible thanks to the friendship between Toulouse Head Coach and his ex-teammate and ex-coach, Trent ROBINSON. The former Toulouse player (2003-2005) and Head Coach (2005) has been the Head Coach of the Roosters since 2013, after a successful experience with the Catalans.

Both managers have shared their experiences and ideas when Trent ROBINSON (best NRL Head Coach in 2013) visited France last month. With the support of both clubs, they have decided to organise this day to prepare the new season. Historical for Toulouse!

Last Thursday, when the club announced it to the players, the surprise shortly turned into joy. This session represents a unique experience for the players and the staff… and they cannot wait!