England v Australia 2016 Four Nations

Date: 18/2/19

The Board of the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) has unanimously agreed that a proposal to appoint three independent directors will be presented to the membership for approval at an EGM to be held in April this year. This is a key aspect of a package of significant governance reform which was proposed by the members at the AGM in November.
The Board has been made up of representatives from the Australian Rugby League Commission, New Zealand Rugby League, Rugby Football League, Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation and the Rugby League European Federation. Now, for the first time ever, there will be three independent directors appointed based upon particular skills and expertise and will help the RLIF to achieve the highest standards of governance in line with best practice. One of the independent directors will become the RLIF Chair.

The Board also approved the proposal for the selection of the 12 men’s teams and the 4 women’s teams who will participate in the RLIF Downer Rugby League World Cup 9’s to be held in Sydney on 18/19 October. Those nations will now be invited to participate and will be announced once positive responses are received.

Positive discussion about the international calendar for 2019 and beyond progressed significantly with further announcements expected very shortly.

RLIF Chair, Graeme Thompson was happy with the progress made in the meeting saying

“The governance reform process has been detailed and lengthy, which is right and proper, as it represents organisational progression. In particular it guides how we make future strategic decisions.”

“The addition of Independent Directors to the Board, provides a key opportunity for the organisation to incorporate other relevant backgrounds and experiences to work alongside the present Board’s abilities. The unity of the Board on the governance reform package is very significant and we look forward to the final stage of engaging with our member nations and seeking their ultimate approval”

“Whilst we already have the World Cup Nines and World Cup qualification established for this season, there has been significant progress on the rest of the 2019 calendar. This plan involves a myriad of stakeholders, who require some final consultation, before announcements can be made. We anticipate this to be in the very near future.”