The Rugby Football League will be getting new audiences after they announced today that they would be partnering with GRM Sport bonusbets.com reports today.


GRM Sport was founded back in 2017 as an online platform to showcase grassroots sports, and today they have announced that they will be partnering with the RFL to showcase grassroots rugby on its platform. GRM Sport produces weekly cinematic style videos of amateur games, as well as providing podcasts featuring both amateur and professional players. Now that they have partnered with the RFL, they will expand their offering to cover the sport.

Tom Brindle, who is head of growth for the Rugby Football League, said “We’ve been very impressed by the quality of the work produced by Shawn and the team at GRM Sport.

They work with community clubs and players to showcase the very best of rugby league, and the end results are outstanding. Our partnership will help strengthen and grow the game at grassroots.”

Shawn Boatin, who founded GRM sport, also said “GRM SPORT allows me to combine my two greatest passions: rugby league and film-making. I take great pride in showcasing the very fabric which holds each club together and the quality of rugby at grassroots level. This partnership between the RFL and GRM SPORT will shine a well-deserved spotlight on the community game.”

GRM who used to focus exclusively on Rugby under the name Grassroots Rugby Media, also showcase grassroots Netball and Boxing, and regularly produce youtube shows on all three sports, as well as delivering content across social media outlets. They have key reporters who cover the games, and feature write-ups on the games that have been played at the amateur level as well as commentary and think pieces about the sport, and the players within it. The production is an excellent area to showcase the up and coming talent before players are recruited into mainstream teams and reporting and the partnership will undoubtedly be looking to extend that even more.

GRM Sports has been looking to extend it’s partnerships and has previously partnered with the London 9s Rugby Fest. A partnership that has worked well for them in the past, and extending the rugby offerings will only benefit both the sport and the platform going forward. With regards to the partnership with the London 9s competition, GRM Sports founder Shawn Boatin said “LDN9s was the event of summer 2018! With Rugby League players travelling from as far as Australasia! The event was a huge success and provided me with an international platform to showcase my skills and capture breathtaking rugby moments! I am really pleased to be back for 2019! Nobody captures Rugby moments quite like GRM SPORT!” A sentiment that was echoed by the founder of the London 9s competition Graham Olliphant who welcomed the partnership with the following: “Fantastic to have Grassroots Multi-Sport on board again as a solid partner with LDN9S 2019. Shawn and GRMSport display the same entrepreneurial drive and passion for Rugby, which LDN9S embodies an ideal team up for the largest Rugby9s Festival in Europe!“