2019 London 9s

IF YOU can’t make it to London this August don’t worry, you can still catch ALL the action LIVE, and in HD, thanks to a bold new partnership.

London Nines tournament organiser and owner of parent company Rugby Festival Events Ltd, Graham Oliphant, shared his feelings on this historic opportunity, saying: “Through the London9s we stand by our commitment to raising the profile of Rugby League Nines events by adopting and implanting professional practices and standards. This is part of our drive to develop a cohesive and connected Capital9s Circuit across the Northern Hemisphere, so young adults can enjoy sports tourism opportunities across major cities, and open up new markets for Rugby League Nines events.

“A critical element in building out our infrastructure and marketing our content is to have an online streaming platform.

“This year, thanks to our partnership with Sportsflickglobal.com, our official broadcasting and online sports streaming partner and CKMRed288, our European production partners, I am delighted to announce that we are now able to bring you a professionally produced live stream of the whole event!

“Together we share a common vision on how sports are being viewed through OTT platforms and see this as a huge opportunity for the proliferation of the expansion of international rugby league. All for the equivalent of the price of a pint!”

For more details on how this will work and how to join, please click https://www.london9s.uk/livestream


Largest gathering of international amateur Nines sides

In only our second year, we now have teams from:
– UNITED STATES – two teams ROOTS FAMILY (winners of the Carolina Nines)
– WEST AFRICA- Nigeria and Ghana
– SERBIA- Red Star Belgrade (Balkan Super League champions)
– AUSTRALIA- Africa United Lions, African heritage players form Australia
– WALES- two teams- Welsh Mighty Ducks and Bangor Buffaloes
– SCOTLAND- Edinburgh Eagles
– ENGLAND- 10 teams

and two charity teams representing MoBRO- made up of international invitational players from league and union;
and a TryTag Tournament with 20 teams

London Nines, with our partners from Rugby League World Cup 2021, will be a key component of the new London League Weekend.

This offers fans three big-ticket events in the capital over the Bank Holiday weekend, all for just £39.

URL for purchasing tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/london-league-weekend-tickets-62499295074