Nigeria Rugby League

Nigerian free-to-air television station YANGA! TV has become the first broadcaster to come on board to cover the Middle East Africa Championships, which will take place in Lagos from 2-5 October, 2019.

“Initial plans are for the competition to be broadcast live into five countries, with talks on-going to take it into a further ten,” said Nigeria Rugby League Association vice chairman and general manager, Ade Adebisi. “Yanga means self-pride and showing-off (in West African pidgin) and is an enthusiastic, positive, form of self-expression which fits with what we are aiming to present.

“An exciting line up of supporting events involving the 2021 World Cup International Development Programme initiative will also be covered by the station. The MEA Championships is the first of its kind in this format and, as Nigerians, we take pride in bringing this competition to our nation. We hope that the people can rally round us and support our efforts.”

Lindsey Oliver, CEO of YANGA! TV added: “We are proud to partner with and support this ground breaking launch of rugby league in Nigeria through the Middle East Africa Championships. We plan to serve and entertain Nigerians everywhere by making the event available to be viewed in Nigeria, the UK and beyond.”

RLEF regional director, Remond Safi, confirmed: “I am excited to see the MEA Championships sign its first media deal and for the confidence shown by YANGA! TV to showcase the tournament, and provide this event with the exposure it deserves.”