Rugby League

So popular is Rugby League that even though the 2021 World Cup is two years away, fans, punters and bookies are already talking about it with much enthusiasm. The road leading to the World Cup is not less entertaining, packed with exciting games and tournaments along the way. For a budding punter, who wants to make money from the game, now is the right time to start testing the grounds before it’s time for some serious betting.

What exactly is it about Rugby League that makes it so bet-worthy? Besides the intense competition, the passionate players, and the thrill of the game itself, it is the combination of talent, tactic and planning that makes it a sport worth watching. Planning is also what you need if you want to bet and win big once the 2021 Rugby League World Cup comes around. Like most other sports, betting on Rugby League is relatively simple, but there are a few points to keep in mind, that can make all the difference.


Start Analysing

It’s never too early to start analysing players and teams. Once the tournament is closer, there is too much excitement in the air with news pouring in from every direction that things can get confusing. So, use this time to learn about the different teams and how they play. There is so much information about the playing countries available on the internet, that when the bookmakers release the odds, it is worth picking up early bets before the games begin. Starting early also gives you the option to go through the list of leading UK Bookmakers and select the right one after checking their ratings, welcome bonuses, and overall feedback. Doing this now means you can test the waters with them over the next few tournaments so that everything is ready when the big day to bet on the World Cup arrives.  

Know the Teams

If you are beginner, just now learning about Rugby League, it is essential that you get to know the major teams that have dominated the game over decades. Australia is by far the most successful team when it comes to playing in the League. They also hold the record for maximum wins in the World Cup. New Zealand and England are the other two teams that make the Tri-Nations who are typically on the top of any Rugby League tournament. However, it would be a mistake to overlook some of the underdogs who have already qualified for the World Cup by reaching the quarterfinals in 2017. Papua New Guinea and Samoa are two such teams that can surprise their competitors in 2021.

Diversify Your Bets

An astute punter knows that the best way to go about setting up wagers is to spread them out over the games. Keep some for the main results while others for individual matches. Since the bookmakers release early odds, it’s worth betting on early predictions to make maximum earnings.

Now, there are different ways a punter can bet on a match. There is the overall winner, teams that make it to the final, head-to-head match-winner, line betting, final score, and many more options like these. However, professionals always suggest dividing your bets over teams and odds. This way, you increase your possibilities of winning and don’t rely on any particular game or team to make a difference. Moreover, no matter who you bet on, keep a few wagers set aside for the three leading Rugby League countries, who continue to remain a safe bet.