North Luzon Hunters

by Ace Angelo Galang (Photo: @jickoyimages)

AUGUST 11 2019, saw the rivalry between North Luzon Hunters and Manila Storm continuing, as they battled each other for the PNRL Estepa Elefante Cup Season 3 Grand Final, at the Ayala Chelsea Blue pitch in Makati City.

The Grand Final started with defending champions North Luzon Hunters scoring 2 consecutive tries. With the Manila Storm striking back with their own try making the score 12-6 mid way through the half. Towards the end of the half, the Hunters scored another try ending the 1st half 18 – 6 to the Hunters.

The 2nd half started with neither side giving ground. The Storm players dug deep, but the Hunters defense held firm. Reminded that they were in the same situation last time they faced the Storm and lost.

The heat and humidity took its toll on both teams, with a low scoring 2nd half. With only 1 more try to the Hunters and none from the Storm.

The Grand Final ended with the full time whistle 24 – 6 to the North Luzon Hunters. Winning the Estepa Elefante Cup 2 years in a row, in the PNRL’S 3rd season of competition in the Philippines.