All Stars

By Brian Lowe,

The North will be looking to snap its run of outs against the South in this weekend’s annual USA Rugby League (USARL) All-Star game in Tampa, Florida.

The USARL instigated the match in 2015 and in the ensuing years the South Conference has won every encounter.

Granted, the biggest winning margin has been just six points, but nonetheless, the South has triumphed each time irrespective of where the game has been played.

This year, the North’s selectors have picked a squad they say is “a pretty good team” and they will be aiming to back up those claims with their first ever victory.

One of the main organisers of the match, Tampa Mayhem owner/CEO and USA Hawks team manager Billy Neilson, says everything is squared away for a successful USARL showcase event.

“This will be a display of the best players in the USARL,” he told RugbyLeaguePlanet.

Tickets for the game are on sale at the Mayhem’s Facebook events page as well as through Eventbrite.

North All-Stars

Anson Jeng, Tyler Liardi, Derek Trahan (Boston 13s), Quenton Craddock, Brock Davies, Osin O’Neil, Kevin Reed, Sterling Wynn (Brooklyn Kings), Ian Ferguson, Keith Jones, Chris Wiggins (Delaware Black Foxes), Ryan Boroughs, Ethan Ferrick, Chris Frazier (NOVA Eagles), Andrew Kneisly, Tristan Sylk (Philadelphia Fight), Kyle Grandy, Dave Griener, Matt Walsh (White Plains Wombats)

Head coach: CJ Cortalano

South All-Stars

Rodrigues Ceaser, Jude Kermundu (Southwest Florida Copperheads), James Campbell, Khalial Harris, Josh Jackson, Hunter Lawson, Jon Purnell, David Thomas, David Washington, Kevin Wathen, Malcolm Webb, James Williams (Jacksonville Axemen), Sean Hunt, Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos), Cody Blackwell, Justin Branca, Jethro Hauser, Bart Longchamp, Jon St John (Tampa Mayhem), David Ulch (Lakeland Renegades)

Head coach: Sean Rutgerson