Ryan Murray

By Brian Lowe,

The Canada East men’s team has been named for the inaugural East-West rugby league ‘Thunderdome’ game this weekend in Toronto.

In Canada’s own version of an All-Star game, the best players from eastern and western provinces will square off against each other in what is designed to become an annual event.

The East is made up mainly of players from Ontario, while the West will consist mainly of players from British Columbia and Alberta.

There are a number of past and present Canadian national team players who have represented the Wolverines on the East’s roster.

“After watching the high impact training and workout sessions, there is no doubt that this game will be a smash,” said Ontario Rugby League (ORL) president Ryan Murray.

“As president of the ORL, I guarantee a victory for the Eastern men’s team or I will step down from the board. That’s how much confidence I have in head coach Henry Miers and his selection. Now let’s have it!!!”

Murray concedes that it’s a big call but is sticking his neck out publicly because that’s how much he believes in the dominance of Ontario.

The match is set down to be played on Saturday, January 11, at Lamport Stadium in Toronto.

Canada East starting 20:

Andrew Giguere

Lee Keegel

Eddie Bilborough

Orlando Jones

Steve Adu

Greg Wise

Steve Piatek

Chuck Curran

Matt Wyles

Tyrone Rowe

Andre Bashevsky

Jay Park

Tony Felix

Enoch Wamalwa

Travis Depasquale

Andrew Porter

Antoine Blanc

Michael Mastroianni

Emil Borggren

Aaron Holt

First choice replacements:

Mikkel Borggren

Ethan Lang

Conner Flinders

Nate Roberts

Head coach: Henry Miers