Canada Women Rugby League

By Brian Lowe, Photo: Ontario Rugby League

The women’s teams have been named for this weekend’s inaugural Canadian East-West rugby league representative showdown.

The women will play the curtain-raiser to the men’s game, both of which will be the first matches of Canada’s version of an All-Star game.

The game is scheduled to be played this Saturday, January 11, at Lamport Stadium in Toronto.

Canada Women East:

Bev Skinner

Bethany Hofstetter

Brittany Douglas

Chelsea Braithwaite

Hailey Karroum

Jessica Cormier

Krista Kent

Lea Milosevic

MacKenzie Fane (Capt)

Megean Eva Gosselin

Natalie Tam (VC)

Natasha Naismith

Nina Bui

Petra Woods

Rebecca Mula

Sabrina McDaid

Sara Canini

Tamara Dixon

Tamisha Toussaint

Tiera Thomas-Reynolds

Zoey Siciliano

Head coach: David Astley

Assistant coach: Carl Holmes

Assistant coach: Nick Hails

Assistant coach: Zachary Schill

Canada Women West:

Elysa Sandron

Sarah Duncan

Ferris Sandboe

Ashley Holt

Maii Acevedo

Dayna Taramai

Kaila Pickering

Melissa Seselja

Alix Evans

Emmalena Parks

Liz Steele

Nat King (Co-captain)

Kristy Sargent (Co-Captain)

Katie Grudzinski

Chantalle Bracken

Jade Menin

Simran Gillar

Tanya Dordevic

Alexis Mok

Coach: Bryan Wilkinson