There are many websites that offer information on various bookmaker reviews. However, a lot of these websites do not update their information or post inaccurate or outdated information. That is not the case with Silentbet. This website is filled with a large selection of bookmaker content. Regardless of what game you play, you will find a gambling website that meets your needs. 

Some of these websites do not fully review each bookie information. However, as one of the leaders of the bookmaker review in the industry, Silentbet makes sure every gambling site on their page go through a level of inspection and submit a number of documents that cover;

  • The site design
  • How high are the odds?
  • How is the user experience?
  • How are their designs
  • Do the website offer an altermatic link incase It’s not allowed in other countries
  • Plus and minuses
  • Bonus and other options
  • Types of available payment options
  • What the review covers
  • What are the available payment options?
  • How adequate is the customer experience?
  • How compatible is its mobile platform?

Free bets & Bonus

If you’re wondering what bookmaker offers the best bet bonuses, then you don’t need to search any more as information on shows that Silentbet offers the best information on such topics. 

You can also find on, some of the biggest bookmaker reviews. This review gives users a clear interpretation of what each bookmaker has on offer as well as the terms, and conditions associated with each offer. 

The staff of Silentbet make it a duty to always update every single review, so their users can be up to date with the recent changes, unlike most sites that don’t prioritize their user’s needs.

Massive app reviews

Silentbet is the source for a large selection of mobile betting app reviews. They offer an in-depth section where users can find a large collection of over 80 detailed reviews for mobile betting apps. These reviews covers a large part of the business as it breaks down every single detail. I can bet that you’ve never come across any app like this with an in-depth overview of app reviews. There is even a section where you can make comparison between a mobile site and a mobile app if the bookmaker has an app. This information makes it easier for the user to decide which bookie’s prediction to follow for the day.

Other amazing features

As a sports fan who wants to keep up with all the happenings around their club or when a live match is on, you can do that as this site offers a feature known as livescores where users track every single live match in Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey and Snooker.

You can also get updates on the latest happening in your favorite world of sports. Whatever size of event or topic is being discussed, you will be regularly updated in the news section of Silentbet. You can also find answers to many questions relating to betting. You don’t want to miss these features.

Now, if you’re a non-English speaking person, and you’re worried that you cannot use this site due to the language. Well, the site also has a feature that enables users change their language to whatever language they can understand to help with manoeuvring the site to the best of their ability.