USA v Chile

By Brian Lowe (Photo Credit Allene Rachel)

There is a slight chance that the Rugby League Americas Championship may still go ahead as scheduled later this year.

The USA Hawks, Canada Wolverines, Jamaica Reggae Warriors and Chile Weichafes are slated to contest the 2020 championship in Kingston, Jamaica, in November, but because of uncertainties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, some doubts have been cast over it actually going ahead as planned.

Many sporting leagues around the world, professional and amateur alike, have suspended their seasons due to the spread of the coronavirus, although in the past week or so some have announced tentative plans to resume.

In light of that, the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) hosted a conference call Friday night with representatives from all four nations, including Hawks team manager Billy Nielson on behalf of the US, to discuss whether or not to consider moving ahead with the Americas Championship as scheduled.

The RLEF tells Rugby League Planet that no decision was made and that there will be a follow-up call in a month’s time to further review the situation.

“During these times it’s difficult to speak of future plans as we don’t know what country restrictions etc. will be in place,” said Jamaica Rugby League director of rugby Romeo Monteith.

“I believe as sports people we all have to wait and see what unfolds in our world.”

The 2020 men’s and inaugural women’s Americas Championship is scheduled to be played in Kingston on November 10 and 14.

The Reggae Warriors are the defending men’s champions.