The current pandemic on Corona Virus has caused a dismal shock-wave all around the world. The phenomenon has led to an unanticipated public health emergency that has wiped out thousands of people and has plunged the economy into depression.

Unsurprisingly, the occurrence has also suspended various professional sports events that have upended the sporting calendar. COVID 19 has caused an up-stir to the industry of the august Rugby League. As such, the popular NRL matches organized by the Australian Rugby League Commission were deferred after the declared lock-down by the local government. The famed Super League’s Magic Weekend that was scheduled for May 23 and 24 was also postponed and the whereabouts of the proceedings are not yet concluded.

The Canceled Events
Rugby League is a popular outdoor sport that was pioneered in England during 1895. Governed by the International Rugby League, this was looked forward and revered by millions of fans all around the world, predominantly in Pacific Island, Australasian, and European countries; this is also the national sport of Papua New Guinea. This activity is one of the prominent betting events in gambling institutions like casino and gaming sites such as a live casino.

With the catastrophe brought by Corona Virus, the industry of Rugby League was caught off guard causing an immediate halt to all the proposed activities. Adding to the previously mentioned events, the National Rugby League of Australia was suspended after continued activities behind closed doors. The current season for the Super League has also forthwith ended and the Championship match between Debury and Toulouse was postponed after the latter team has decided not to travel for safety purposes.

The Potential Revenue Lost
As for the advice of the CDC in avoiding large gatherings, the suspension of activities for the amateur and professional leagues has caused a wreaked havoc on the sporting calendar. Consequently, the combined gate revenues for the Rugby League were estimated to lose a hundred million dollars with the cancellation of broadcasting, commercial, and match-day events. The main income streams for the said sports league plummet due to the declined sales of media rights, ebbed advertising partnerships and sponsorship’s, and depleted ticketing and hospitality since dominant professional Rugby Leagues are analogous to the squandering entertainment industry.

The Adopted Strategies
The entire sports industry, including the International Rugby League, is currently trying to discover new ways to attract consumers. In the absence of live games, sports broadcasters have decided to stream iconic replays, documentaries, niche competitions, and archived content to fill the unoccupied slots.

Another approach is to enhance the flexibility of payment features by seeking sports content on online gaming sites. Since the majority of the consumers are within the premises of their homes, some of the Rugby League organizations have decided to invest on sites like casino and live casino to continue the movement of money through online stakes; similar to the system used in gambling facades, clients can bet on their team with the use of virtual money.