2018 Rugby League European Championship


Despite travel restrictions due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, over 25 nations from three continents will meet virtually this weekend for the latest annual Rugby League European Federation congress and council meeting.

Chair Maurice Watkins, CBE, commented: “This get together is one of the highlights of the year when we can all catch up, compare notes, share experiences and best practice. Naturally in the present climate we can’t meet face-to-face but it is the next best option and I commend all the delegates for making it happen.

“We are all looking forward to the usual series of robust debates and welcome the spread of proposals and discussion topics. The agenda is wide-ranging and I expect the conversations to be both frank and meaningful. The fact that there is so much to talk about is again a credit to the progress being made across the confederations, and the willingness of the delegates to come to the table to seek the best solutions for the sport as a whole. The RLEF board welcomes the opportunity for such constructive communication.”

Among the congress workshops scheduled are: governance and articles of association, player registrations, raising profile through social media, Americas group session, Middle East Africa group session, and Covid-19 impact and medical protocols.

The workshops will be followed by the ACM which will include the results of the member-elected director appointments, installation of an independent director, and discussion on various submitted resolutions.