Due to everything that’s going on right now with the pandemic and lockdowns, people tend to have a lot of time on their hands. Thankfully, there’s more entertaining content to consume online, whether via streaming services or video-on-demand, than ever before. Not everything’s a winner, though – there’s a lot of muck to wade through, especially when it comes to sports-themed movies.

Even though rugby league hasn’t seen as much on-screen attention as other sports like baseball and football, there are a few instant classics to discover. If some of the content is hard to find, try using a VPN to find an online streaming service with the right library of content. Don’t go with the free ones as they’re going to cause a lot of buffering. Thankfully, a NordVPN coupon can make your life easier if you want to stay on the safe side while browsing the internet or streaming movies.

So now that finding these movies aren’t an issue anymore, here are the four best movies about rugby league that everyone should watch at least once.

1. The Sure Thing (1985) | IMDb

Yes, we are starting this list with an unexpected choice because The Sure Thing might not come to your mind while thinking about rugby league movies. However, it became quite popular on social media not too long ago, and now many rugby league fans are watching or rewatching this movie.

Why did this movie become popular among rugby league fans? John Cusack’s character Gibson wore an Australian Kangaroos rugby league jersey, and many fans were shocked by that. Why did he choose this jersey? Does it have an additional meaning? This rugby league mystery has finally been solved after so many years. However, some fans were disappointed by the lack of a good storyline (it had potential!).

John Cusack finally addressed it on Twitter and said that it was a random choice. It’s true that many fans were a bit sad about this, but it’s still a great movie that’s worth the watch, even for someone who isn’t a sports or rugby fan.

2. The Final Winter (2007) | IMDb

This movie tells the story of a man who is a rugby league player in the 1980s. The main problem is that the game itself is changing, so he has to adapt. The thing is, rugby became more “professional”, and the movie focuses on how the main character feels about that at the time when his career is ending. It’s a rather intense movie that tells the story of betrayal and loyalty. 

Written by and starring Matt Nable, this movie is a must-watch for all rugby league fans. It’s not just about the game itself because it also beautifully portrays the emotions and the war inside the player’s mind.

The movie has a lot of great cameos by amazing actors, so it’s definitely a good choice.

3. Little Fish (2005) | IMDb

This movie portrays a different reality. In this movie, Hugo Weaving plays a washed-up rugby league player who is a heroin addict. However, Hugo Weaving is not the only star in this movie because we can also see Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. Her character is a recovering addict who is trying to forget her difficult past.

This gritty drama might not be a perfect movie for a date night. However, if you’re looking for something with a bit more emotion, you will enjoy it.

One of the things that stand out in this movie is Hugo Weaving’s acting. He told reporters that this movie made him leave his comfort zone. It’s not an easy task to portray such a role, so, of course, he had to work a lot to understand the character. The actor said that it was a daunting and stimulating experience.

4. Mullet (2001) | IMDb

Are you looking for a rugby league movie but also want to look at the beautiful views of New South Wales? Well, Mullet might be the perfect choice for you. Former rugby league player Eddie “Mullet” Maloney returns home and sees that pretty much everything has changed. He is still the black sheep, but this time there is even more confusion because his old girlfriend is married to his brother.

This movie has some funny scenes, but it also touches the subject of loneliness and how difficult it can be to open up and talk about your feelings.

Fun fact, did you know that those were real players during all the on-field scenes? The Kiama Knights rugby league supplied all these players for the movie.


The movies listed here aren’t the only fantastic rugby league films out there, but they’re representative of the diversity in talent and creativity that this genre can offer. They are also exceptional movies in their own right. So even someone who isn’t an avid rugby fan should be able to enjoy them as standalone forms of entertainment too.