2021 Rugby League World Cup

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 organizers remain positive that the tournament will go on as planned at the end of the year. However, they have set May as the cut-off point when they will decide on the form the tournament will take. Punters on JackpotCity Casino enjoying slots, poker, roulette and other table games will have another source of entertainment when the tournament kicks off. The organizers are also yet to decide on whether socially distanced fans will be allowed in the stadiums. There is also a possibility that the tournament could be postponed to 2022. 

The event promises to be the biggest and most connected tournament ever planned. There will be the men’s tournament and the women’s tournament. The wheelchair tournaments will also run simultaneously. Fans will be treated to a double-header final at Old Trafford. 

The planning team believes that as things stand, they can deliver the tournament this year. However, they also choose to be realistic in their projections as they look to consider international games’ best interests. 

Critical Deadlines

The tournament has two crucial deadlines before the organizers can make a decision. They will make an initial assessment in March, but a final decision will come around May. Several factors will influence the decision. They must determine whether they can get athletes to the UK safely. The team must also decide whether or not they can get fans to the stadia safely. 

If they cannot get the two factors mentioned above sorted, then postponement would be the best course of action. 

How the Tournament Will Cope with a Potential Decline In Revenue

If the organizers are forced to hold the tournament in empty stadia, they might seek financial help from the government to help cover some of the lost revenue. The central government has already offered 15million GBP to help cover the costs of staging the competition. It also added an extra 10 million GBP to fund legacy community projects. 

The organizers have expressed their concerns on budget matters if they cannot hold the tournament in packed stadia. They claim that around 90% of their revenue comes from ticket sales and government funding. 

Therefore, if they have to hold the tournament in nearly empty stadiums, then they will have to rely heavily on government funding partners. 

Worst-Case Scenario

The last option the organizers have is to postpone the tournament for 12 months. Moving the World Cup to 2022 will mean the organizing team will have to start their planning afresh. Also, moving the tournament would mean it clashes with other tournaments like Qatar’s FIFA World Cup. It would also mean they have to talk with the NRL and the Super League to adjust their seasons.   

Nevertheless, the organizing team admits that postponement remains an option, albeit the last one. At the moment, they still have the luxury of time, and they are in a good place. They also reported that ticket sales for 2020 massively exceeded expectations, and they are financially stable. With this solid foundation, they are only praying that the environment changes as they expect.