The rugby league is scheduled to kick off in a months’ time with the challenge cup’s start. It means it is going to be a busy year in sports, especially after the interruptions caused by the pandemic in 2020. Several events were halted midway through the season following the World Health Organization guidelines across all public places. Resumption meant that games would take place in empty stadiums, denying fans the opportunity to throng into the stands to cheer their favourite teams.

For betting and gaming enthusiasts, things went mainly virtual. With limited live events taking place at a time, fans went for other options such as taking to online casinos to play various games. It remains a viable option even after the resumption of sporting events, and beginners can enjoy free slots NZ and other opportunities to win real money with the best online casino.

Back to the rugby world, the commencement of the rugby league signifies a big year ahead.

It is time to rebuild again and bring back the audience to the party. Even before lockdown measures were imposed on stadiums, there were significant drops in match attendance as people preferred watching games from home. There were more empty seats in stadiums, and teams lost revenue. Things got worse when there were no more outdoor games allowed. Players had to train on their own. There were salary cuts and retrenchments. Both players and staff lost their jobs.

The rugby’s first few months will see games played in empty stadiums as relevant authorities continue to weigh the Covid-19 situation. But it will be happy moments for the fans as they can watch the game they love, albeit on television and streaming services. 

The Rugby World Cup, which is the biggest event in the sport, will take place in New Zealand this year. Fans cannot calm down. It will be the country’s biggest event, attracting a large crowd for the first time since the pandemic. It is an opportunity for the All Blacks to show their fans at home what they are made of after pulling strong performances against some strong opposition in previous tournaments.

As hosts, New Zealand will be among the favourites to win the World Cup which was last won by South Africa in the last edition. 

The Super League Grand Finale ended in the most dramatic manner, and expectations are high this year could see even more competitive finals. 

New Zealand is not currently doing so bad in managing the pandemic and has been hailed as one of the safest places to visit in the world. Previous lockdowns and other government measures seem to have worked exemplarily well, and other countries need to follow suit.

There is hope that the Rugby World Cup and the Rigby League should appeal to more audiences this time around, and the world will take notice. Provided organizers take the relevant measures to ensure a smooth running of these tournaments, everything should work well. The fans will be watching, and they are eager to cover for the lost time.