Philippines 2021 Sydney 9s

In the Philippines inaugural appearance at the Cabramatta International 9s in 2012. The country heralded its membership of the International Rugby League family, with its Golden Point extra time 18-14 win over Burwood North Ryde RL club in the Bowl Trophy Final.

With the Philippines playing in the inaugural Sydney 9s it looked like the country would again repeat its maiden appearance fairy tale, with pool results mirroring 2012, with a draw and two loses.

However going into the Bowl final, having won a historic Bowl Semi-Final against Vietnam 14-6, who were appearing in the International Rugby League stage for the first time. The Philippines lost 3 key play makers, in their Captain and halfback Gerald Reyes, Hooker Kim Hillis and strike player Kytak Chan.

Only 14 Filipinos from the original 17 that began the day’s tournament were left to play Malta in the Bowl Final and were ably led by stand in Captain Ryan Clarke. At half time the fairy tale 2012 ending was at reach with the team leading 10-4 on the score board. Unfortunately a full, refreshed 17 man Malta side returned in the second half and ran down the Philippines lead, narrowly losing 14-16.

On a day where all who represented the Philippines did the nation, their families and themselves proud. Thomas Cartwright stood out and was awarded player on the Day by Coach Marcel Noronha for his exceptional display for the Philippines in this inaugural Sydney 9s tournament.

Philippines Squad:

  1. Frank Altamirano
  2. Jordan Brown
  3. Jonathan De Leon
  4. Jeremy Grooms
  5. Chris Murphy
  6. Kim Hillis
  7. Gerald Reyes (C)
  8. Josh Scales
  9. Ned Stephenson
  10. Johnny Armas
  11. Thomas Cartwright
  12. Ryan Clarke (stand in C Bowl Final)
  13. Marcus De Luna
  14. Chad Overton
  15. Gerald Sumcad
  16. Kytak Chan
  17. Leslie Downie

Coach: Marcel Noronha

Manager: Reynaldo Nery

Trainer: Jimmy Lee Johns

Trainer: Erick Elefante

Pool Rounds

Philippines V Italy 10 – 20 (Tries: Chad Overton, Gerald Reyes; Conversion: Ned Stephenson)

Philippines V Cook Islands 10 – 20 (Tries: Ned Stephenson, Gerald Reyes; Conversion: Ned Stephenson)

Philippines V Africa United 16-16 (Tries: Kytak Chan*2, Ned Stephenson; Conversion: Ned Stephenson)

Bowl Trophy Rounds

Semi Final Philippines V Vietnam 14 – 6 (Tries: Thomas Cartwright *2, Ned Stephenson; Conversion: Ned Stephenson

Bowl Final Philippines V Malta 14 – 16 (Tries: Frank Altamirano, Johnny Armas, Josh Scales; Conversion: Ned Stephenson