Late March 2021, Rugby League Cares announced that its successful mental fitness program called Offload is going to be launched at Halifax. The program has already shown outstanding results at six professional clubs: Leeds Rhinos, Salford Red Devils, Featherstone Rovers, Widnes Vikings, St Helens, and Warrington Wolves. Now, Offload aims to help Huddersfield Giants, Bradford Bulls, and Halifax Panthers.

No doubts that the program will have a huge impact on the well-being of the teams, not only on the field but also in other spheres of their lives. If you are a dedicated rugby fan and constantly read sportsbook reviews for New Zealand bettors, you surely know how important mental health is and how greatly it can influence a game’s outcome. In this post, we want to share some facts about the program and RL Cares.

About Offload

The program consists of a 10-week course with one-hour lectures. Offload is free from charges and aims to provide men with the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to manage mental health and be able to help others. Usually, the program takes place at a host stadium and is led by RL players who share personal experiences on managing worries, depression, and other mental situations. Here are some of the presenters you have surely heard of: Kevin Larroyer, Keith Senior, Paul Wood, Shaun Lunt, and Lee Crooks. 

The Head of Community at RL Cares, Emma Goldsmith, can’t hold back the joy of the upcoming launch. She says that Offload expansion will change the lives of men from Kirklees, Bradford, and Calderdale for the better. And the program surely has many reasons to be proud of!

Since 2017, Offload has helped 2,500 men to lead a better life, minimizing stress, and apply mental health tools in practice. Emma emphasizes that the program not only changes lives but literally saves them. The courses help people overcome the darkest periods of their lives and understand how to help those in need. The launch of Offload in Huddersfield, Bradford, and Halifax became possible thanks to the assistance of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Partnership.

In a recent interview, Paul Mitchell, the Head of Bradford Bulls Foundation, said that many people struggle with the pandemic and its consequences, and the tendency is rather troubling. That is why mental fitness has never been as important as it is now and the foundation’s aim is to provide support to as many people as possible.

Paul highlights that anyone can contact the foundation whether they are experiencing difficulties with unemployment, financial issues, lack of interactions, or mental burdens of social isolation. Paul Mitchell hopes that the foundation will make a difference for the people who need qualified and comprehensive support of fitness, health, and well-being. 

The Project Lead of Halifax Panther Foundation, Chris Mitchell also welcomes partnership with RL Cares in order to help people in Halifax and Calderdale. The Foundation already has a positive experience with Back Onside, a program supporting people’s physical health. Mitchell is sure that mental health is as important and will significantly contribute to the area. 

About Rugby League Cares

RL Cares is a charity organization that covers four aspects inside the Rugby League: education and welfare, grants programs for improving health and wellbeing, support of injured players, and a heritage program. Their main goals are:

  • To support Rugby League on all levels. Not only those who are currently playing but also those who have played in the past.
  • To boost positive changes in the health and wellbeing of communities that are located near the sports sites. Especially people living in difficult socio-economic conditions and have fewer opportunities.
  • To generate finances and support people who have permanent injuries, need long-term treatment, and have to adjust to new lives.
  • To create the Rugby Museum and tell the story of the sport, as well as the people who have contributed to it.
  • To reach a diverse audience across other industries in order to break the social barriers.
  • To increase the interest of players and viewers in Rugby League.

RL Cares itself also contributes to helping retiring players during the transition period. In addition, they aim to open a national Rugby League Museum that will be located in Huddersfield’s George Hotel.