Today it is announced that Canada Co-Operative Championship Rugby League (CCCRL) have confirmed that Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; and Reginia, Saskatchewan are the three cities that will compete in and represent the Western Conference. These three destinations will feature both a men’s and women’s competition. The team names for all three West Coast cities for both the men’s and women’s Clubs will be decided at a later date. 

As voted by the fans along with the CCCRL’s Board of Directors, these three West Coast cities were selected based on their population and market size, potential growth for community participation, current sport landscape, accessibility, transportation, number of educational institutions such as; universities and colleges, and cultural diversity.

Sandy Domingos-Shipley, VP of Canada Co-Operative Championship Rugby League had this to say about today’s announcement:

“Today represents another step forward for all of us at CCCRL and our fans as we continue our efforts to grow and expand the game of Rugby League across Canada. We are looking forward to developing a grassroots foundation and establish Rugby League programs for both men and women in all the cities that make up our league to increase the visibility of the sport throughout Canada and North America. Vancouver already has a rich and successful history of Rugby League, and we are extremely excited to compliment that and expand on what has already been created in that market.”

Vancouver, BC:

  • Is the most populated city in the province of British Columbia.
  • Canada’s 3rd most populated city after Toronto, Montreal with an estimated population of over 2.26 million people.
  • Is Canada’s main port city and major economic center, as well as the political, cultural, tourism and transportation center of Western Canada.
  • Has been rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the world’s most liveable cities for many years.
  • There are over 10 million people that visit the city every year. Fellow Canadians make up the highest percentage of visitors to the city, followed by people from China, Australia, and the U.K., whose Tourism alone contributes to almost $5 billion annually, providing 70,000 full-time jobs for the residents of Vancouver.
  • Home of the Vancouver Canucks (NHL), Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS), BC Lions (CFL), Vancouver Canadians (MILB) and Vancouver Giants (WHL).

*Courtesy of Stats Canada

Calgary, AB

  • Canada’s 4th most populated city after Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver with an estimated population of over 1.5 million people.
  • Is Alberta’s economic, financial, political, and cultural center, and the province’s largest city.
  • Canada’s largest energy center and the second largest energy center in North America.
  • Has one of the youngest populations for a major Canadian city. Just over 70% of the city’s population are between the ages of 15 and 64, and the average age in Calgary is 37.
  • The world’s largest oil firms have offices in Calgary (PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil, etc.), and several Major petroleum corporations are based here.
  • More than 100 languages are spoken in this area. About 25 per cent are foreign-born Calgarians.
  • Calgary hosted the first Winter Olympics on Canadian soil in 1988.
  • The Calgary Stampede employs more than a 100 people year-round and 3200 people are hired during the actual event. The stampede is also a popular TV event, with over 2 million Canadians watching portions of the Calgary Stampede on television.
  • The home of the Calgary Flames (NHL), Calgary Stampeders (CFL), Calvary FC (MLS), Calgary Hitmen (WHL), and Calgary Roughnecks (NLL)

*Courtesy of Stats Canada

Regina, SK

  • The second-largest city in the province of Saskatchewan after Saskatoon.
  • Named one of the best mid-sized Canadian cities in which to live.
  • Has an estimated population of 236,481 which is 18th largest city in Canada.
  • Has the 7th highest population of Indigenous people in Canada at 8.3% of the city’s population, comprising of 9,200 First Nations and 6,000 Metis people.
  • Home of the Regina Pats (WHL), Regina Thunder (PFC), Regina Red Sox (WCBL) and Regina Riot (WWCFL).  

*Courtesy of Stats Canada


Formed by a group of directors, the world’s first co-operatively owned professional Rugby League competition. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the co-operative with the support of the Ontario Co-Operative Association will employ over 100 employees from players to backroom staff, to broadcasting and production. Founded in 2020, its primary mission is to deliver professional Rugby League in Canada and in-turn support the national growth of the sport by direct re-investment of a portion of profits back into the Canadian Rugby League. As a co-operative league it will be publicly owned with dividends going back to its members. The CCCRL is positioning itself as one of the most innovative sporting organizations in the nation and in the world of Rugby League.