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Rugby as a sport needs no introduction really, the popularity of it reaches far beyond the imagination. Despite the love and adoration, many fans do not know how to bet correctly and efficiently on rugby games, whether it be league or union games. Betting tips are often provided by bookmakers, however that never really is any good if you happen to know nothing about betting on rugby. For that reason, we decided to provide an extensive betting guide for rugby, so you can be ready for the next upcoming large events to take place across rugby.

Once you know how to bet, it would make every sense that you could look for the best bookmakers in Australia, to allow you to use these different betting types that you picked up within our guide. It should all tie in together very nicely! 

The Rugby Unions Versus The Rugby League 

First thing is first, one of the most important factors you need to learn before you start gambling in rugby, is the difference between the Rugby League and the Rugby Union. The major difference between both, is that they are almost like two different sports all together. Within the Rugby Union, there are fifteen players which cross each of the teams. In addition to this, each game has a time span of 80 minutes long, and each try has a five-point total worth. The try itself is the point where the ball is marked on the opposite side of the pitch which belongs to the opposing team. There is space to make another two points, if players happen to kick the ball through the H-shaped goal posts. It can be taken from as far back as the rugby players wish to.

Each of the teams need to advance forward by passing the ball backwards. Also, the ball can actually be kicked in any direction, meaning the defence of the opposing team will need to stop any forward movement and hope for a try. Should any of the attack be tackled by the defence, it can form a maul or ruck for the ball interception.

The Rugby League on the other hand, is similar to the Union, where the ‘trys’ need to be collated to defeat the opposing team. However, the pace of the Rugby League runs faster than the Union games, meaning you can expect the game to end much quicker. Unlike the ‘tries’ in the Union, the League goals are worth just one point, meaning teams will need to work harder to secure their wins.

In total, there are 13 players within the Rugby League teams, meaning there are two less players than the Union set up. Despite the Rugby League endorsing tackles as a way of securing the ball, there are no rucks or mauls used to intercept the ball from the opposing team. The game is all about retaining possession with a light tackle between two team players. Unlike the Union, which can keep the ball for an unlimited amount of time, the League only allows six passes, to which the ball would need to return to the opposing team, if all else fails in getting a try.

The Odds Explained 

Understanding the Rugby odds for both leagues are important. Understanding the odds is the first way of ensuring that you do well when you decide to place a bet. At any time that you decide to place a bet, the bookmakers will need to list the odds for each game, and it will be up to you to translate them for the benefit of your pocket further down the line.

The Rugby leagues list their odds via the Moneyline, Fractional odds and of course Decimal Odds, which are probably the most popular of ways to list odds. However, there will be times where the others are used too, so it would be worth knowing them all for your own benefit in the long term. 

Main Rugby Betting Styles

The betting odds are first and foremost, important to analyse before placing any bet. The most important betting types are listed down below; however it is common for more exotic and rare selections to be made available. As a beginner, it would highly be recommended that you get used to the simpler ways of betting, before jumping directly into the deep end. The reason being is, they can be seriously difficult to get a return from, whereas more simpler variations can give you easy wins, should they be applied correctly.

Outright Results Betting 

Outright results betting is probably one of the most popular forms of betting that you will see in most sports. While many beginners always start with these kinds of bets first, you may not be surprised to do the same as a beginner with rugby too. It is a pretty simple way of applying your gambling habits, and the betting style is pretty self-explanatory really.

In most cases for this betting style, you will select the team that you believe will win, and place your money as a bet on them. The point spread betting intricacies within this can make it more complicated, but that is if you decide to bet on that style all together. Using the odds, you would calculate how much you would win, should you place a stake on a team. It is pretty straight-forward and very easily picked up.

Accumulator Betting 

Accumulator betting on the other hand is where it can get a little complicated. You will find the profits of your first bet taken will then be added to additional second bets, used alongside any original stakes. Each time a bet wins, it will get added to additional stakes, and will simultaneously keep going as such. A five-accumulator bet is one that provides five-fold profits, also known as permutations. These are only available alongside accumulators and their selections at online bookmakers.

Half-Time and Full Time 

Half time and full-time betting is another simple and easily used betting option for rugby. You may have guessed from the name that it is an outright bet, because you are betting for a half-time or full-time outcome. You will be placing a stake on the leaders of these pinnacle time frames. Should you happen to place a bet on a different team being outright winner, even though they were leading at half time, you will win half the majority of the bet. Some punters select to bet on just one half of the game, while others like to do both. It all comes down to how adventurous you feel.

Try Scorer 

The try scorer bet is one that will be placed on a player who you believe will be able to score the most within a game time frame. This bet can be manipulated as you wish, as you can bet on the most score ability, with even the least-it is completely as you wish really. It does rely on a little bit of cross research and referencing in comparison to other games, so do keep that in mind!


The Handicap bet is one that makes your betting activities far more interesting than the others listed above. This type of bet is used when an underdog/one time outcome has a significantly high chance of securing the win. This type of bet is always used to make the betting environment more even and equal, so should the team you wish to bet on have a disproportion within their skillset, a handicap bet could be the ideal selection to go for!

Betting Tips to Try Out

Below are some quick tips to take away, to go alongside the betting elaboration that we listed above. Make sure to take notes of these scenarios, as they can definitely make your betting style level-up significantly.

Domestic Betting 

Domestic betting is something you can place a bet on, to achieve different outcomes. Many punters will place their money on games that are domestic, as well as whole seasons. You will have the liberty of placing bets on individual games or even entire campaigns-the choice is yours. 

A good example of what we have said above, could be that you decided to place a bet on the point spread, meaning a try-scorer bet will be a perfect companion, as you can apply it to whole games and seasons if you like. There are many scenarios that you can use these types of bets and best of all you will probably be most familiar with them, since they would be close to home.

Shop the Odds

Shopping the odds is hugely important, as it allows you to make sure that you get the best value odds for the money you are about to stake. While odds are similar from bookmaker to bookmaker, there can be slight differences that can make all the more difference over all.

Events in RugbyLast but not least, do take the choice of selecting and exploring all the different rugby leagues and seasons. There are many options to pick from, with the Rugby World Cup being a huge favourite, the Six Nations being another annual tournament that is popular, and other cups such as the Champions Cup.