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The head coach of Wigan Warriors, Adrian Lam, will leave the team when the Super League Season in 2021 ends. Adrian Lam became the interim head coach of Wigan Warriors two years ago. He later secured the position permanently when Shaun Edwards decided not to take that position. In 2020, head coach Lam guided his team to succeed in the League Leaders Shield. They also managed to advance in the Super League Grand Final. However, they were defeated by St Helens, but he ended up being named the competition’s coach of the year.

Adrian Lam’s Departure

Lam expressed his desire to leave the team when his contract lapses when the season ends. In a statement released by his club, Lam revealed he loved all the moments he experienced with his team and would continue to cherish the memories with his players. Lam joined the club to play for them but later became the interim coach. The club was waiting for Shaun Edwards to take over, but he declined the position and Lam was permanently given the job as the head coach. Lam said the residents of Wigan treated him as one of their own and that was one of the main reasons why he loved the town so much. Despite his love for the people, his team, and the sports, he felt it was a great time to leave to pursue other interests and opportunities. Lam took the time to thank the staff for the great work they did during the period he was executing his duties as the head coach. He is determined to finish the season well.

Adrian Lam’s Career With The Wigan Warriors

Lam has worked with the Wigan Warriors for three years. He acknowledges that the season is not over yet and he has big plans for the team. Lam admits his biggest moment in this season would be to win the LLS and manage to get to the grand final like they did last year. He reveals winning the Super League coach in 2020 was one of his biggest personal highlights. The 51-year-old coach said this season has been hard and players have sustained injuries. Some of the greatest Wigan Warriors players were injured and spent extended time being treated for their injuries. Bevan French will not be coming back any time soon because of the injuries he sustained. Moreover, the team will lose Oliver Gildart and Jackson Hastings from 2022as they are set to join Wests Tigers. Despite all the challenges, Lam strongly believes in his team. Lam said he trusts his players to deliver their best and win the reward they deserve this season. You can place your odds on the Rugby League Betting to see if the Warriors will be able to maintain their powerhouse status under new management once the season wraps up. With Lam’s imminent departure from the team, it is expected that someone will soon replace him. However, the club does not seem to be in any rush to appoint someone else.

Will There Be Changes Within The Wigan Warriors Club?

Ian Lenagan, Wigan Chairman, said they are in no hurry to name the head coach’s replacement. Moreover, the club will do some reviews of the staffing structure and current season before making any future appointments. Shaun Wane is rumoured to be making a comeback to the team in 2022, not as the head coach but as a rugby director instead. Chairman Lenagan praised Lam’s work which he has done within the last 2 years. Lenagan believes Lam has a promising future in the coaching sector. Adrian is one of the few people who have managed to win awards and successfully represent Wigan as a player and coach. In the statement, Lenagan said they will always hold Lam in high regard.

Lam was first appointed for a one-year contract but managed to get two additional years. Chairman Lenagan said Lam should be proud of his achievements after getting additional years in his contract, winning the League Leader’s trophy and nearly winning the Super League Grand Finale in 2020. Lenagan expressed their pride in being able to offer Lam his first head-coaching job and believed that the experience Lam has gained from the job will enable him to achieve bigger things in the future.

Wigan Warriors were beaten by St. Helens in a 26-2 home defeat. This marked the first time they did not succeed in scoring a try at home since 1999. Moreover, Wigan Warriors did not win even one point in a home game and suffered a 14-0 loss. Lam did a splendid job of managing the team amidst the prevailing covid-19 pandemic. The rugby coach is a former rugby player. He managed to play for the Sydney Roosters for 6 years. He also played for Wigan Warriors for three years. He is currently the Super League Coach of 2021. Despite the losses the team has suffered this year, they remain hopeful that things will go well this rugby season despite the hard pandemic times.