Many of the considerable sports betting payouts have come from placing bets on the middle which is a very difficult form of betting. But when it works, it is a highly lucrative bet machine of sports betting. Bettors who hit the middle have won some of the largest payouts in sports bet history. So, what is the best way to leverage this strategy? we will discuss how middling can improve your sports betting strategy in this article.

What is “The Middle”?

Betting on the middle is a way to take advantage of a moving point spread line, or shifting totals line. In a middle bet, two contradicting bets are placed on the same game. As such, middling is a framing strategy, but the goal is not to reduce your exposure. Since there’s a line differentiating the time of both bets, middling affords you a chance to win both.

For the middle to be successful, bets must be placed on two opposing lines so that the final score will be between the middle or both numbers. This way, both wagers are winning. Getting a firm understanding of point spreads and how total betting works is necessary to understand middling.

Different types of Middling Structure

Widening of the point spread as it moves away from 0. The range is from +4.5 or -4.5 to +7.5 or -7.5.

If the point spread becomes narrower as it edges closer to 0. The range is from +4.5 or -4.5 to +1.5 or -1.5

If the total increases say 40 to 44

If the total reduces say 40 to 36

We use hypothetical numbers for these examples. Many different factors can affect point spreads and totals. As the wagers on each line side try to balance, point spreads and totals can move. The availability of new information (like the injury of a star player) on betting platforms like can also influence totals and point spreads.

Point Spread Middling

You can land the middle whenever the point spread moves. It is possible for the point spread to open at +4.5 or -4.5 and move to +2.5 or -2.5 the next day, creating space for a middle. It’s possible to win both bets if you wager at +4.5 on the Eagles upon release of the line and then wager on at -2.5 on the patriots after the line shifts. This will result in a big profit if you hit the middle.

The Patriots would need a 3-point win in this scenario to have a middle successfully. You will win both wagers if the Patriots win 24-21. By winning the game by 3 points, the Patriots will cover the -2.5 spread, and by losing by 3 points, the Eagles will cover the spread.

Total Middling

To hit a total middle, one of your bets must have an under that is higher than an over. There would be an opportunity for a middle if a line opens at 44.5 and then moves to 39.5. To be successful, you will have to take the over at 39 and take the under at 44.5. You will succeed if you finish the game above 39 points.

Alternatively, if the line opened at 39.5 and moved to 44.5, another opportunity would have risen. Taking the under at 44.5 and the over at 39.5 points would be your option. You will successfully hit the middle if your game ends with over 40 points.

Bottom Line

Unless you’re comfortable with the ins and outs of sports betting, we don’t recommend hitting the middle. You must be extremely knowledgeable about sports (and many different sports betting strategies) to hit the middle, as well as devote a great deal of time to it.