Kenya Rugby League

European Rugby League, which includes the Middle East Africa confederation, has recommended to the board of the International Rugby League that the officially-recognised Kenya Rugby League Federation be awarded Observer status.

Kenya RLF chair, Richard Adhere Nyakwaka, commented: “We welcome this development with open arms. We have eight clubs from different regions in Kenya and are resuming competition, with the first friendly tournament scheduled for today (28 November) in Nairobi. This proposed, sanctioned affiliation is a big inspiration as KRLF start preparing for the next world cup qualifiers.”

MEA regional director, Remond Safi, added: “I am pleased that, after much significant groundwork, we finally have an organisation in Kenya that we can formally recommend to IRL for membership. It has been a lengthy and complicated process to ensure that there is a robust governance process in place for further growth in the country, and their presence also strengthens the sport in East Africa.”