Are you new in town and are unsure about the National Rugby League? Read on as we tell you all about it. 

The National Rugby League is a phenomenon that’s exclusively Australian. If you’re an American, you may think that the NBA and the NFL are where it’s at, and admittedly, these are great sports institutions. However, if you’re in Australia and an avid sports fan, you may want to take some time and check out the NRL or National Rugby League. The NRL is like the American NFL, except they play rugby instead. The country is divided into teams, and the fans can choose a team to support accordingly.

If you’re new to Australia, you may not get the craze, so we’re here to explain why National Rugby League is a national treasure. From the players to the teams, the league is just a gift that keeps on giving. You can also appreciate the game from a whole new perspective if you’re into sports betting. Then, you’ll not only be following the games and players and all of the latest NRL odds

  1. It Has Variety 

The Rugby League is a part of two games that you can opt for. You could go for something like tackling your opponent and bringing them to the ground. The contact version of the sport is a lot more aggressive and can lead to some rough injuries. 

You could also opt for a tag and touch football game. More and more Australians are getting involved in the sport, and you don’t want to stand on the sideline while they discuss it. The variety allows NRL to include people who don’t enjoy contact sports and those who do.

  1. It Has Gender Diversity 

The NRL is inclusive of women, as evident from its women-only teams. Women are filling important seats in the NRL, which means you’re likely to see more representation of women here. Women in the Australian Rugby League commission ensure that women get their time of the day on the field. So, if you’re just stopping by, you might see some real gender diversity in the NRL. There are many female referees in the games, and female journalists often cover the games. 

  1. It Has a Lot of Watchers

The NRL has a lot of observers. People will take time from a busy day to watch some of the games. They reach 9 million people simply on Facebook. 294,000 people have signed up as members of their respective clubs. Thus, the NRL manages to reach out to many people simultaneously so that it can serve as a great topic of conversation for you. 

Since the NRL has such a hold on the country, you could also place important messages on it on social media. It has a lot of power in the country, and NRL could put that power to good use. They’ve done this with awareness of the Domestic Violence plan in the past. 

  1. It Is Extremely Entertaining 

NRL offers the perfect amalgamation of all the things you’d want from a sport. It’s got the best hits, speed, athleticism, agility, emotions, sweat, and drama all wrapped into one. It’s got all of the nations’ collective emotions in a chokehold, providing the sweetest result. Watching the Grand finale each year with the final two teams battling out is a way for the Nation to rejoice. You’ll feel left out for weeks if you miss out on it.

  1. There’s an Entire Community Around It

The NRL games are one of those things that everyone has some information on. Sports tend to bring people close together, and they generally have an entire community around them. If you’re looking for some new friends, all you need to do is go into a bar where they’re playing a game. Before you know it, you’ll know half of the people there. 

Many people host entire game nights at home so their friends can join them in enjoying the games and smashing some beers. 

There is a culture around the games that you can appreciate as a sports fan. 

Final Thoughts 

The NRL is one of the best displays of sportsmanship in Australia. It is gender diverse, which sets it apart. You can see people of all genders on the field. Thus more people are likely to tune in to see their gender represented. Interest in the NRL is a great way to learn more about Australian people and their culture. It’s one of the easiest ways to make friends with Australians and try to fit into some of the practices in the country. 

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