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There are lots of sports available and lots of fans keeping up with these sports. One of them is rugby and it’s one of the most popular ones out there. It’s a rough sport that combines strength and speed to provide spectacular performances.

Rugby players are all about being competitive, which is why some of them get their competitive edge in their free time. There are some of them that enjoy a casino game or two. Some of them enjoy such games online and go looking for the best online casino payouts, sites, and games while others prefer to enjoy them online. In that regard, here are some pretty good rugby players that enjoy a casino game occasionally:

Sebastien Chabal

There are only a couple of rugby legends and Sebastien Chabal. He made over 200 appearances and managed to score 100 points. In addition to that, he played for a variety of teams including Lyon and Bourgoin Racing Metro. He was a great player because of his trio of speed, agility, and strength.

But he’s not just competitive on the rugby pitch, as he enjoys some poker too. The thing about that is that Chabal takes poker as seriously as rugby and has even been part of a promotional campaign for a poker tournament in France, his country. Poker is a game for the skilled and possibly sharpens the mind which might be the reason why Sebastien enjoys it.

Shane Williams

Shane Williams was a distinct Welsh rugby player. He was known on the field for his many performances and scores and is one of the best rugby players to come out of Wales. Besides enjoying rugby on and off the pitch he had other hobbies that he liked doing in his free time. Casino games were some of them, and he enjoyed some sports betting too. However, the public didn’t know about his enjoyment of casino games until he partnered with a gaming brand to help them with their promotional campaign. His favorite casino game is poker, but he also enjoys a host of other table games.

James Haskell

Haskell is a British player and one of the greats when it comes to rugby. His career spanned from 2002 to 2019 and in his 17 amazing years, he has managed to score 140 points and make over 250 appearances. Has was part of 6 teams and his peak was when he played for the London Wasps where he climbed the top by scoring 70 points.

Just like the other rugby players on this list, James enjoys some casino games too. He likes a bit of everything. Another thing about him is that he’s published some books. What A Flanker and Ruck Me are 2 of his most recent titles. All in all, it seems James is a jack of all trades.

These are just 3 rugby players that made their names on the rugby pitch and enjoy playing some casino games in their free time.