Rugby Photo Credit Olga Guryanova Unsplash

Credit: Olga Guryanova

Rugby is one of the most fascinating sports out there. That’s why it has millions of fans all over the world. There are many teams and players that have made this sport stand out in the world of sports. That’s why this popular sport is up there with football and basketball when it comes to large audiences.

This is also another reason why online sportsbooks cover this sport. Some of them are solo sportsbooks while others are parts of casino sites. In other words, visitors can enjoy sports as well as casino games like roulette, real money pokies, slots, and more. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

As a rugby fan, you might be waiting a bit before the next match so you might as well enjoy a quality rugby game. If you’re looking for suggestions then you can look at this list:

Rugby 08

This title might have been EA’s last rugby game, but it doesn’t mean it’s the company’s least creative. In other words, Rugby 08 comes with a quality gaming experience to offer. The visuals might be a bit outdated, but if you’re looking for a realistic rugby experience then this is the game for you. You’ll get to score and tackle players on the road to victory. Either way, you’ll get to test your skills in this rugby title.

Jonah Lomu Rugby

Jonah Lomu is an icon of rugby. He made his mark on the sport and is forever etched into the history of rugby and in fans’ hearts. So, it’s no surprise that there’s a game made after him. You can go for the Friendly mode where you can take on a virtual opponent or take on real players. Alternatively, you can go for the other modes that enable you to try out different teams as you take on different tournaments. You can even go for the World Cup if you want to.

Rugby 20

This might be a recent addition to the gaming world, but Rugby 20 gives you a mix of modern visuals and a unique experience. You can play the Solo Mode and take your player to stardom or you can focus on an entire team. You can train it and watch your players get the appropriate skill they need to win the next match, competition, or championship. If you’re in the mood for a quick match, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying some quick rugby.


This is a 2000 game and you can consider it a blast from the past when it comes to old rugby titles. It’s one of EAs titles so you’re bound to enjoy a quality game. It comes with various modes, players, and teams you can command to victory.


These are some suggestions and they make excellent rugby titles. You can go for one of them or try all of them out. Alternatively, you can go for any other game that seems to your liking.