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Rugby Players That Gamble

At first glance, rugby and gambling don’t seem to have a lot in common. But they are actually very similar in that they are both exciting, high-stakes activities that require strategy and a sharp mind to win. Like rugby, gambling can also make you money, as evidenced by the over 200 fun online pokies for real money offered at Joe Fortune. These online games offer significant cash prices, which is part of the appeal of gambling for rugby players. This and more reasons like the fun adrenaline rush of gaming explain why top rugby players have been known to frequent traditional and online casinos. Below, we take a look at top rugby players that also love to gamble.

  1. Mike Tindall

Mike Tindall is one of the most popular names in professional rugby. The now retired athlete had a very successful career playing for Gloucester Rugby and Bath Rugby as revealed by ESPN. In his more than 200 appearances, he scored an impressive 270 points total – numbers that show just how skilled he was. Outside the field, Tindall has a very active social life, creating and contributing to numerous charities. He also enjoys playing poker and other casino games. Although he has not accrued enough wins to warrant a mention, he has made a mark in the betting world. He was an ambassador for a famous UK sports betting brand. 

  1. Sebastien Chabal

Number two on our list is Sebastien Chabal, the French rugby union player. Widely considered one of the most commanding presences ever to grace the rugby field, Chabal is a combination of agility, strength, and speed. His skill and appearance have actually earned him the nickname “The Caveman.”  Chabal has played for several teams, including Lyon and Bourgoin Racing Metro, and has a career spanning over 15 years, 100 scored points, and 200 appearances. But, in addition to being a great rugby player, The Caveman is a decent poker player. He has participated in different games and a promotion run by a famous French poker brand. While he hasn’t accrued significant winnings, he is passionate about poker and plays regularly.

  1. David Susigan

David Susigan loved poker so much that many people consider it his second career. This French professional rugby player has a 6-year career on the field and has played for teams like Chalo-sur-Saone, Dijon, and Castanet. Off the field, Susigan has invested a lot of time and energy into poker. He is a professional poker player known for his strategy, skill, and substantial winnings. In one poker session, Susigan won $317,653. He also won $140,000 at the poker table in 2015, and his success continues to date, all evidence of his formidable poker skills. Susigan competed regularly in poker tournaments. In the WSOP, he has a total recorded earning of $47,316. 

  1. Shane Williams

Shane Williams is one of the best and most popular Welsh athletes. Considered the best player in the Welsh rugby union, he has earned a reputation for excellence on the field. He also enjoys gambling immensely, although, like other players on this list, he has not made any significant winnings yet. Williams spends a lot of time in casinos sharpening his gambling skills and is known to favor poker and other card games. Recently, he teamed up with a Welsh gambling brand to promote different games on social media, which is how his fans discovered his love for gambling. He also signed up to participate in a major poker tournament but was eliminated during the early stages of the game as reported by Lloyd Burns Management.

  1. James Haskell

The British rugby player James Haskell has an impressive track record. His career began in 2002, and he played actively in the league until 2019 before retiring. During his 17 years on the field, Haskell scored more than 140 points and made over 250 appearances. He also played for over 6 big rugby teams – giving him legendary status in the game of rugby. When playing for the London Wasps, he scored an impressive 70 points. Haskell continued his competitive streak off the field at casinos. He likes to gamble in different games and enjoys the vibrant atmosphere in casinos. Like other players on this list, he has also not won big on gambling yet, but it is only a matter of time, given his record.


Famous players like Mike Tindall and James Haskell left the rugby field and went straight into gambling. It is assumed that gambling offers them the same thrill and excitement as being on a rugby field. Like rugby, gambling requires a sharp mind, a plan, and skill. Whether these current and former athletes are playing card games like poker and blackjack or slots, it is clear that these activities provide a similar adrenaline rush as being on the field. Rugby players are also naturally competitive, so it makes sense that they will be drawn to casinos. Whatever their reasons, these five famous players enjoy gambling, with some even endorsing different games and gaming brands – all good news for the industry.