Brazil Red Fox

An Australian advisory firm that employs Brazilian women in engineering-related fields has thrown its support behind Brazil’s female Rugby League World Cup side at a crucial time.

With the men’s World Cup kicking off Saturday, October 15, and the female tournament to begin on November 1, Red Fox Advisory is confirmed as sleeve sponsor for the history-making Brazil Amazonas.

The Amazonas are the first team from Latin America to qualify for a Rugby League World Cup and are expected to help attract the largest ever crowd for a women’s league game in the northern hemisphere.

Red Fox directors Michael Price, Ben Schnitzerling and Anthony Schmidt have closely followed Brazil’s progress over recent years, and saw synergies with their own endeavours.

“At the heart of our business – which delivers transport infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand – are two female Brazilian engineers,” Michael Price said.

“Brazilians are a massive untapped employment resource and are educated to a very good standard.

“We are working towards recognition, acceptance and equivalence of Brazilian qualifications in the engineering industry.

“It is sometimes a difficult process to endure for an Australian company, but we believe we have made headway and aim to open the way for future Brazilian graduates to migrate and display their talents.”

Red Fox Advisory currently utilises 30 staff in Brisbane and Perth, specialising in offering informed engineering advice and design for projects that are “meaningful and interesting”.

The three directors confess to being rugby league tragics, and have been an extremely welcome addition for 500-1 tournament outsiders Brazil.

Brazil Rugby League General Manager Robert Burgin said the sponsorship contribution of Red Fox Advisory would be put to immediate and effective use.

“Due to the geographic expanse of Brazil, simply getting a squad of 23 players and 9 staff to the departure point for flights to England is a major undertaking of its own,” Mr Burgin said.

“The contribution from Red Fox will be allocated to flights and bus travel undertaken by our elite athletes this week in the vital final days before the tournament.

“Knowing the values of the Red Fox directors, I’m elated to be wearing their logo on our sleeves.

“Part of our ambition in competing at this World Cup was defying Brazilian stereotypes, on the field and off it. Red Fox are helping us realise that dream.”

Red Fox Advisory joins Brazil’s major sponsor Stake .com , Agrimix Pasture Performance Legumes, Vouch, Minas Coffee and SHIELD Security as uniform sponsors of the Amazonas.