England vs France WCRLWC2021

It will be an all-European final in the Wheelchair #RLWC2021 with big wins by France and England in the semifinals.

In the first semi on Sunday, France was simply too good for Australia, wheeling over the Wheelaroos to win 84-40 in Sheffield.

The French led 54-10 at halftime and eventually crossed for 15 tries. As he did in earlier rounds, Jeremy Bourson turned in one of France’s best individual performances scoring 5 tries. Mostefa Abassi bagged four, while Florian Guttadoro got a hat-trick.

Despite their best efforts, in the end, the Aussies couldn’t match the relentless French onslaught.

In the second semifinal, England amassed their third total eclipsing 100 with a huge 125-22 blasting of Wales.

Jack Brown stamped his authority on proceedings with a record eight tries in the game, more than any other player has scored in a single match throughout the tournament.

The English led 70-6 at the main break. Joe Coyd and Sebastien Bechara each crossed for four tries in the match. Nathan Collins converted ten of the 22 English tries, while Robert Hawkins added the extras to seven of them and scored a pair of tries himself.

The Wheelchair final will be played on Friday in Manchester.

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