South American Championship

Just six days after the men’s and women’s finals of the Rugby League World Cup, the road to the next one is being broadcast into Europe in prime time.

Novosports TV is proud to announce it has secured the rights to all three matches of the 2022 South American Championships involving Brazil, Chile and Colombia from Jerico, Colombia.

The matches – part of the qualifying process for the 2025 men’s World Cup in France – are played on three consecutive days from Friday, November 25.

And the timeslot couldn’t be better for British fans suffering withdrawal symptoms from the 61 matches played over the previous six weeks – 8.30pm kick-off, UK time.

The first encounter pits visitors Brazil and Chile against each other in a clash expected to decide who progresses in qualifying. On Saturday, hosts Colombia meet the losers of game one, and on Sunday, the likely crowd favourites meet the winner.

NovoSports’ unique partnership with Recast means all three competing teams will earn automatic commissions from the telecasts, each of which is priced at 500 cast credits. New subscribers get 100 cast credits free when they sign up.

Additionally, other rugby league channels on Recast, such as Tonga Rugby League, Red Star Belgrade and Lebanon Rugby League have the option of sharing the event with their fans and also being rewarded with commissions.

It’s an ecosystem that doesn’t just monetise events but encourages everyone in the rugby league world to promote the enormous growth currently underway everywhere.

“The nations of South America are excited to start the next World Cup cycle in the Colombian Andes, demonstrating the expanding horizons of our great sport,” said tournament director Robert Burgin.

“Simultaneously, we are pleased to offer fans professional coverage of the event on a platform that sees funds distributed directly to the competing nations.

“Great sacrifices have been made across the continent to ensure this event proceeds, and Recast is a way to bring our exciting style of rugby league to the world and ensure sustainability at the same time.”

NovoSports TV made its debut when it hosted Tonga v France from Halifax in October, receiving an overwhelming response from rugby league fans around the globe.

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