6 nation sposts

The 2023 Guinness Six Nations Rugby Championship is in full swing, with the second stage already completed. It takes place yearly between February and March; last year’s winners were France.

Six Nations Championship History

The competition began in 1883 and was initially known as the Home Nations Championship as only British teams England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland competed. In 1910 France entered the competition, and its name changed to the Five Nations Championship. When Italy joined in 2000, the name changed again and is now known as the Six Nations Championship.

Six Nations Betting

The competition has a huge following, and the bookies offer multiple betting markets. It is important to do your due diligence when and shop around, as the odds can vary drastically between bookmakers. The Punters Page Guide to Six Nations betting is a great resource when deciding what to bet on and where.

Apart from predicting the winner, you can also bet on the top try scorer, who will finish last, and many more markets.

Most Championship Victories

England and Wales hold the most championship titles, with England obtaining 29 and Wales 28 victories.

Since the formation of the Six Nations in 2000, England is leading with seven wins, Wales and France are on six wins, Ireland has four, and Scotland and Italy have yet to win. However, the Scottish team did win the Five Nations in 1999.


The winner of the Six Nations Championship is decided on a points system rather than a final match. Teams receive four points for a win and two for a draw. Points are also earned by scoring a minimum of four tries or if they lose a match by seven or fewer points. Any team that obtains a Grand Slam receives three points.

Another factor to consider is that Six Nations rugby uses union rules, as opposed to the World Cup where teams play by league rules.

Players: There are 15 players in rugby union, while the league has 13.

Tackling: In the league, players can tackle using their legs when they have their hands on an opponent. Then, play stops allowing the tackled player time to return the ball to one of their teammates. However, in union matches, the game continues.

Possession: In union rugby, the teams can keep the ball until the other team takes control. However, only six tackles are allowed in the league before handing the ball to the other team.

Scores: They use the same methods to score. However, a try is worth five points in the union and four in the league. In the union, a drop goal is worth three points, and in the league, it is worth one. Penalty goals award one point in league rugby and three for the union.

Final Thoughts

When the tournament ends, we won’t have long to wait for the next big event, with the thrilling and highly anticipated Rugby League World Cup in France later this year. It takes place across nine venues from 8 September to 28 October 2023.