Rugby League Game

Over the last 27 years, Rugby League games have come a long way. From ET’s Rugby League in 1992, with simplistic 8-bit graphics and basic controls, to the hyper-realistic representations of today such as Rugby League Live 4 from 2017. With the release of iconic titles such as Super League (1995), NRL Rugby League (2003), and Rugby League Live 2 (2011), there are many great games to choose from and we’ve picked 10 of our favorites which you can read about below.

No matter if you’re looking for a vintage classic or something new and shiny, it will certainly be worth your while checking out all these great titles.

#1 Rugby League 2

The gameplay provided unlimited possibilities for attacking play and fiercely competitive defense. This wasn’t all either; for the first time in a rugby video game, players could access a careers mode – allowing for more fun and engagement with the product. Rugby League 2 enjoyed immense success and popularity during its lifetime, showing how ambition and creativity by independent companies can challenge those from larger organizations.

#2 Rugby League 3

The final game in the Rugby League series was still entertaining but unfortunately could not compete with its predecessor due to the sheer amount of similarities between them. The main draw for this game was an updated career mode and roster system which improved upon the already impressive scope that Rugby League 2 had created. Despite having no concrete changes, Rugby League 3 managed to keep up players’ enjoyment by introducing Easter eggs and additional content. Requiring a high level of strategic focus too; there is a lot of fun to be taken away from the third installment in the series, even if it doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor’s fun factor.

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#3 Rugby League Live 2

Rugby League Live 2 was an incredible and revolutionary game for rugby league fans, with no other game of its kind coming close. The gameplay alone made it a must-play, with the controls working very naturally and allowing players to experience the thrill of rugby like never before. Developer Big Ant Studios managed to outdo itself in this regard, as the fluidity and complexity of the motions available were unmatched. Realistic rulesets such as fatigue and timers guaranteed that every match felt unique, while all of this was presented in stunning HD graphics that allowed users to get completely lost in their virtual experience.

#4 Australian Rugby League

Australian Rugby League was a big improvement over its predecessor when it hit shelves back in 2005. Its updated graphics and arcade-style gameplay allowed friends to enjoy the game for hours, reliving the glory days of their favorite sports teams and players. Unfortunately, it doesn’t boast the same variety of modes as other games from the series, nor does it provide much lasting appeal outside of playing against others. Still, its unique brand of fast-paced rugby action is sure to bring a nostalgic smile to any fan of Australian sports culture.

#5 Rugby League Live 4

The release of Rugby League Live 4 was a big deal in the sports gaming industry. It brought with it improved graphics and the ability to scan players into the game, so that gamers could play as their favorite NRL stars. It also provided depth with the addition of a logo and stadium creator as well as set players which allowed for more variation in attack. While some improvements could have been made here and there, overall, Rugby League Live 4 greatly improved upon its predecessor’s foundation.

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#6 Rugby League Live (2010)

Rugby League Live, the first installment in its Rugby League video game series, was a major letdown for Rugby League fans. Despite Rugby League 3, the gorgeous predecessor to Rugby League Live, having many elaborate features. Rugby League Live had taken away most of the content that made Rugby League 3 so much fun to play. Stripped down to its bare bones – really only keeping some basic gameplay elements – it just didn’t provide enough content to keep people interested for more than a short while. Unfortunately, this initial game set the tone for subsequent Rugby League games as the franchise has yet to create its own iteration that can realistically rival Rugby League 3.


While NRL video games have yet to redirect the NRL fan base in significant numbers, their potential as a tool for NRL fans is immense. There is so much potential for this virtual form of NRL to revolutionize rugby league fandom. At this point, it’s too early to definitively gauge the importance NRL video games will have on the sport or its fan base. But it is simply impossible to deny their great contribution to the field of sports video games.