ERL react to Luc Lacoste resignation

Chair of European Rugby League, Dean Andrew, has wished former French Federation president Luc Lacoste his organization’s best wishes after Lacoste was forced to resign due to ill-health.

“It is sad that Luc has had to step away from the FFR presidency, but perfectly understandable,” said Andrew. “In his time at the head of French Rugby League he has brought energy, enthusiasm and innovation to the sport, not only in France but to the broader international game as well.

“He has been an inspirational deputy chair of the ERL and laid out a vision for a stronger and more sustainable future for rugby league in Europe. Everyone associated wishes Luc a speedy recovery and a big debt of gratitude for setting French rugby league on the path for a successful future.”

“Being president of a Federation requires all your energy and a lot of time devoted to your sport,” noted Lacoste. “In view of my health, which has become very fragile, I have listened to my body and the medicine and made my choice to focus on recovery. I have spent an intense two-and-a-half exciting years with the French Federation.”