Popular Sponsors of World Rugby Teams

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If this sounds interesting, read on to learn about the most notable sponsors of international rugby teams. Let’s dive in!

Famous casino sponsors in rugby

We’ll also add a separate list featuring only gambling companies that act as rugby sponsors and supporters. Here are some of them:


  • Pau (French Top 14): Pau has had a sponsorship deal with the online gambling company, PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain).
  • Scarlets (Welsh Rugby Union): The Scarlets have previously had sponsorship agreements with Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker known for its sports betting services.
  • Northampton Saints (English Premiership): The Northampton Saints had a sponsorship deal with the online casino, 32Red. However, please verify if this sponsorship is still active.
  • Leeds Rhinos (English Super League): In the past, the Leeds Rhinos, a rugby league team, had a sponsorship agreement with the online casino, Betfred.
  • Hull Kingston Rovers (English Super League): Hull Kingston Rovers had a previous sponsorship deal with the online casino, Sjot.
  • Salford Red Devils (English Super League: Salford Red Devils had a sponsorship agreement with the online casino, Sjot, similar to Hull Kingston Rovers.
  • Newcastle Falcons (English Premiership): At one point, the Newcastle Falcons had a sponsorship deal with the online betting company, Betway.

Official Sponsors of Rugby World Cup 2023

As the excitement builds up for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, let’s take a look at the official sponsors that are supporting this prestigious sporting event. Just like competitions organized by FIFA, the organizers have partnered with various global brands to grow their reach and impact.

  • Orange: Embodied in the resplendent glory of the Rugby World Cup 2023 stands Orange, a preeminent telecommunications colossus, revered for its commanding dominion over the European and African spheres. Endowed with the distinguished honor of official sponsorship, Orange’s emblematic aura shall grace the very essence of the tournament, its illustrious insignia resonating proudly upon jerseys, within colossal stadiums, and amidst the artistry of marketing materials.


  • Other Official Partners: Beside this esteemed title sponsor, the Rugby World Cup organizers have orchestrated an illustrious union with an array of revered entities, hailing from diverse realms of industry eminence. From mighty multinational corporations to cherished local enterprises, these coveted affiliations collectively bestow a melodic symphony upon the event’s triumphal crescendo.

Benefits and Opportunities for Sponsors

Sponsoring the Rugby World Cup offers numerous benefits and opportunities for brands looking to enhance their visibility and engagement on a global stage. Some of the key advantages that sponsors can leverage include:

  1. Profound Ubiquity: Reverberating across the globe, the Rugby World Cup stands as a colossal spectacle, captivating millions of enthralled viewers from every corner of the earth. Within this grand stage, sponsors bask in the brilliance of extensive media coverage, stadium branding, and digital promotions, granting them access to an eclectic and impassioned audience.
  2. Emblematic Affiliation: Embracing the prestigious embrace of the World Cup, sponsors forge an exquisite bond with the cherished values of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and unwavering resolve, which stand as the very essence of this noble sport of rugby.
  3. Marketing Prowess: In this realm of sponsorship, a cornucopia of marketing opportunities unfurls before sponsors, replete with exclusive advertising rights, innovative digital promotions, and captivating on-site activations. Such avenues pave the way for sponsors to forge profound connections with fans and potential patrons through creative and captivating means.
  4. Global Penetration: Encompassing a diverse expanse of regions worldwide, rugby’s global eminence comes to fruition through the Rugby World Cup, an event that resonates across borders. By embracing this diverse audience base, sponsors gain the vantage point to penetrate new markets and expand their international purview, weaving a tapestry of global outreach.


The sponsorship landscape in our sport has grown significantly over the years, with top brands recognizing the value and potential of aligning themselves with the sport. As we eagerly await the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, the official sponsors are gearing up to make their mark on this global stage.

From sportswear giants to telecommunications companies, the diverse range of sponsors involved in the sport showcases the sport’s widespread appeal and influence. These partnerships not only provide crucial financial support to the sport but also play an integral role in enhancing the overall fan experience.