Fifteen new rugby league coaches qualified in Greece

In advance of the new domestic season, the first level 1 rugby league coaching course to be held in Greece since April 2018 has seen 15 coaches qualified, four of them women, in a mix of current and future coaches.

The course, led by ERL-accredited coach educators Michalis Chatziioannou and Nikos Hatzinikolaou, was held in the conference room of the Acropolis Select Hotel in Athens, with field session taking place at Renti Arena. Such was the demand, the course was oversubscribed, with plans to run another now in hand.

Chatziioannou commented: “Over the two days the questioning and debates were very interesting and took longer than planned. We solved a lot of problems that coaches face with their teams at training. It was a successful seminar that the domestic competition and GRLF needed.”

Participant, Aris Dardamanis, added: “The coaching seminar took place at a very important time for me and my team. Before the new season kicks off, we learned how to build our sessions and understand how we should organise our plans. The main goal was to teach us how to train kids, but the philosophies apply to all teams and I can’t wait to get more feedback to see where I need to improve.”