Brasil World Tour - England, Australia, Argentina and Brasil

Hello everyone, Brasil Rugby League will do 4 games in 3 continents, and we are sending to you a press release and a art, but fee freel to change, cut and edit for be more interesting.

As you know, it was a terrible year for us, we were removed from the men’s RLWCQ after an incredible victory in the Sulamericano, and also removed from the women’s RLWC after already being classified, so this tour means a lot to give visibility to sponsors, encourage the players and maintain the sport is alive in Brasil, after the disaster that the IRL caused us, I count on your help in promoting it.

Thank you very much!


With the support of and Tagarela Intercâmbios, the Brasil Rugby League will hold a series of games in celebration of its 5th anniversary, being the first country in history to play on 3 continents in the same season.

The first game will be in England and against England U18, the current European champions and the continent’s greatest power will face the new Brasil Rugby League project in Europe, which will feature, not only players from the English system, but also from France, with the greatest highlights being Jorge Cabral from Salford Red Devils and Renato Amaro from Catalans Dragons.

“From 2024 onwards we will place great focus on the Europe project. England is a much more accessible gateway than Australia, travel is cheaper, visas are easier and there are smaller leagues hungry for rising athletes, and Brazilians can be a viable option for teams. “ says Hugo Fróes, CEO of Brasil Rugby League.

The second game will be against the traditional Argentine opponents, where Brasil will seek the second title in the Mercosur Cup in Argentina, coming out as favorite and using the base of players who play in Brasil, the game will be tougher, given that Argentina is reinforced and also his first XIII championship.

“The Argentines have empowered themselves, brought new players and held their first club championship, they are working hard for this game and it is without a doubt the country with the greatest potential for growth within the IRL, it is a sleeping giant, with the appropriate support, they could easily be the greatest power in the Americas. “

The most anticipated game is where Brasil will face the last country in Latin America with a team of XIII that is missing in the hall. El Salvador was for a long time the second greatest force in sport on the continent, behind only Chile, but with the Brazilian victory over the Chileans, El Salvador is the last frontier for Brasil to plant the flag as the greatest power on the continent, without remove any doubts.

“Australia is the cradle of Brazilian Rugby League talent, with brothers Braga and Juan Casanova being exponents of the new generation and Mark Jackson, Rugby League and union idol playing his last game, will be an important closing of the cycle for the Australian project. “

Finally, the last match will be in Brasil, against a combination of foreigners, the “Brasil All-Stars”, inspired by Origin in England, where English athletes play against the Expats, the game will be the kickoff of the 2024 Brazilian season, which will be completely reformulated.

“We are still awaiting the return of European men’s and women’s university teams and also the possibility of hosting an international event in the country. IRL’s latest announcements have certainly been destructive for the Brazilian community, but we persevere, and Brasil will never settle or stop seeking challenges. “ Complete Hugo.