Listing the Most Famous Rugby Players of All Time - 1 to 6

Although the rugby world stage has seen many amazing players, a few have moved the needle to the next level. Equally true is the fact that ranking rugby players is subjective. However, we have compiled a small list of players who have graced the rugby sport across the history of this sport. Let’s have a look at the list of round-ups of the greatest of all-time rugby players.

6- Antoine Dupont (from France)

We understand that you must be shocked to see Antoine Dupont here on this list. Although he has recently been awarded the French scrum-half, Dupont without a doubt has played a big role in uplifting the team’s sport. Also, he has worked hard to change the perception around the sport of rugby.

For many fans, Antoine’s superb talent is a real joy to observe, with his extraordinary moves, and thrill-filled line-breaks. He has consistently shown by his game that he’s truly a gem for his nation and the club. 

We know that rugby is one of the most technical sports out there in the field. And the perception around this game has been getting a bit snooty lately. Players like Antoine and Ellis are really changing the way the game is perceived by a new audience.

5- James Haskell (from England)

James Haskell – the English rugby union’s iconic player used to play for Wasps RFC. He is known for his breathtaking performances on the rugby field. This list could not have been complete without including him.

Apart from the fervour of rugby, James Haskell has a penchant for casino games. He loves playing poker, and who knows if the rugby player also likes the top 10 online casinos Australia. Coming back to the sport, James Haskell is one of the best-known rugby players and sport-people in the United Kingdom. He has played for the country 77 times as well as for the British and Irish Lions.

4- Sergio Parisse (from Italy)

Sergio Parisse needs no introduction, as he is known as one of the greatest of all time in Italy. This man is super influential in the sport, and in modern times, he has his name among the greatest.

At 6 ft 5, the back-rower has the physique of a giant, the agility of a rabbit, and the skillset of a back. Some even go on to say that the power and leadership skills of this player are unmatched. When he sets foot on the field, players of the opposing team seem to revere him.

With the addition of Parisse, the Italian rugby team has been able to win 5 world cups during a span of 25 years. 

3- Brian Habana (from South Africa)

Known for his super-fast manoeuvring and speed, Bryan Habana is the fastest in the sport. This legendary winger has earned himself a name that very few players can do. These days, we see Springbok stars Cheslin Kolbe and Kurt Lee as very fast, but even before them, Habana had already been killing it on the field with his speed.

In the times of Habana, his try-scoring speed was the highest. However, what makes him the greatest are his special interceptions.

2- Martin Johnson (from the UK)

Martin Johnson has seen an amazing career for a long streak of 16 years. He’s played for both his club and the country. This player has countless trophies and accolades to his name. And all the great successes have pushed us to put him on the list of the greatest of all time.

Martin Johnson has been quoted by many as commanding a real presence on the field. This is when he was the captain of the 2003 England side in the Rugby World Cup. In the year 2001, Martin Johnson was the first and only player who went on to captain the British and Irish Lions two times.

1- Jonah Lomu (from New Zealand)

Jonah Lomu – the All Black legend was a rare breed. This man is known for his high status of being called the first global superstar of rugby. The influence of Jonah Lomu had a big impact on the sport.

The great rugby player rose to fame when he gave an incredible performance in the 1995 World Cup. he was responsible for scoring seven tries in 5 matches. Throughout his international rugby career, Jonah’s amazing physique and fast speed led him to achieve a total of sixty-three caps and thirty-seven tries.