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Sports betting is one of the biggest ways that fans of sports like to pass the time. With the rise of online sportsbooks, the hobby has become even more popular. More people are betting now than ever before, and a lot of them are signing up at online sportsbooks.

Online Sportsbooks: What are They?

But just what are online sportsbooks? Well, they are exactly what they sound like. Websites where you can go to place bets on your favorite competitions. But, it is so much more than that. If you take a look at the Novibet online betting website, you will find a wide variety of bonuses, different types of bets, and plenty of odds. In this article we are focusing on the bonuses that these websites offer, and are going to be explaining how they work.

Sign Up Bonuses

Before you can wager at an online sportsbook, you are going to have to sign up. Many online bookies will offer you sign up bonuses, as soon as you register. Usually, sign up bonuses entail matching a percentage of your first deposit, or, sometimes, of subsequent deposits you make afterwards. However, they can also be free bets, free spins, or something else entirely.

The sign up bonus could also be called a “Welcome Bonus,” a “First-deposit Bonus,” or “New Player Bonus.” They are usually the most coveted bonuses at online sportsbooks. However, they are not the only ones. Let’s take a look at promotions offered to existing bettors at various sportsbooks.

No-Deposit Bonus

Bettors will already know what we mean when we say deposit. It is the act of wagering money at a sportsbook or a casino. Therefore, when we discuss no-deposit bonuses, we are talking about special offers that players/bettors receive without having to wager. No-deposit bonuses can manifest in the form of match bonuses, free bets bonuses, etc.

Deposit Bonus

If a no-deposit bonus is a bonus issued without placing a deposit, then a deposit bonus is the opposite. A deposit bonus is a bonus that you get when you make a deposit. Deposit bonuses usually match a percentage of the sum you’ve wagered. Sportsbooks that offer deposit bonuses are usually quite successful, as it encourages people to place wagers in order to get their hands on the bonus.

Free Bet Bonus

We’ve been alluding to free bet bonuses throughout this entire article. It is now finally time to talk about them. A free bet bonus is exactly what it sounds like. If you take certain actions, you might become eligible for a bonus that lets you wager without placing down any money at all. In essence, you are wagering nothing in order to get something. Understandably, these are the most popular kinds of bonuses at most online sportsbooks.


With the popularity of online sportsbooks growing, a lot of people are registering accounts. Already, sportsbooks generate billions of dollars annually. Which makes it all the more incredible that analysts are predicting that the amount of people who bet online will continue to increase in the future.