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Rugby is among the most popular sports disciplines players actively place bets on. The game, which has gained a lot of fans, continues to gather many fans before sports matches and in front of monitor screens to place several bets on the outcome. But how does rugby betting work? This article will discuss the types of bets and methods of calculating odds.

Betting on Rugby Matches: How Does it Work?

Today, many new casinos combine slot machines and a sports betting cluster, including rugby, on their platforms. Such sports betting predicts which outcome is more likely at the end of a match. 

The player chooses one (or several) predicted outcomes and bets the desired amount on them. If the bet is successful, the user takes their winnings with the additional odds specified.

Types of Bets and Their Features

Gambling platforms offer their customers the following main types of bets:

  • Single bets are the type where a player deposits money on one specific outcome of a sports match. The platform will determine the odds regardless of the player’s chosen result. That is why it is called fixed odds.
  • A Lay bet is a type of bet when a user deposits money against an expected sports outcome. For example, a bet on a team to win when the squad is likely to lose. Under these conditions, it can already bring winnings to the bettor. 
  • Multiples is a type that consists of several different outcomes of a player. That is, one bet will offer several possible results. Multiples are divided into several types, including double and triple bets and others.
  • Parlay Bets – this bet combines two or more probable outcomes chosen by the bettor. However, all selected consequences must be true to win a parlay bet. And if one of the preferred outcomes is lost, the entire parlay bet is counted as a loss.

Depending on which platform a client wants to start placing bets, the types of bets will also differ.

Popular Kinds of Rugby Bets Among Users

In general, rugby has different types of bets, just like in any other sport. However, many players often choose to use several betting formats. Among the popular options are:

  • Betting on the winner of the event. Many bettors who have been following rugby teams for a long time choose to bet on the likely winner of the match. However, to choose one particular team, bettors should carefully study their past win-loss record to calculate the possible outcome of the game.
  • Handicap bet. This option is used to bet on an outcome that establishes a handicap for the clear favorite of a sporting event. This format is one of the most popular for rugby league. It allows you to play on a clear match choice and get the desired result. However, this format predicts the winner and determines the difference with which the game will end. 
  • Over/Under Markets. This betting format involves placing money not on the likely outcome of the match among the teams but on the total number of points received. For example, how many points the teams will earn over the entire period of the match.
  • Betting on the first/last rugby goalscorer. This betting format requires an exceptional level of awareness of the characteristics and experience of each team’s scorer. In this situation, consider your knowledge. Answer the following questions for yourself: “How long have you been following the team?”, “How often have they won tournaments?”, “Who is the most active player?”, etc. This will help you to make the right choice and place bets on a specific (not random) outcome.

The type of bet to place on a particular tournament depends on the personal skills and preferences of the bettor. However, remember that some options require careful knowledge of the rugby team’s capabilities, previous matches, etc. And if the bettor knows nothing about the team, it is better not to take risks and use other bets. They will be straightforward, offering to deposit money on the most obvious outcome.

How do Betting Odds Work?

Odds in rugby match betting are a certain proportion of probability presented in numbers or fractions (depending on the site). All gambling portals use odds for sports betting. It helps to determine how likely a particular outcome is in a selected match. 

In addition, odds help bettors calculate their possible winnings if the bet goes well. Betting portals offer small odds when the outcome is the most obvious. Otherwise, many players would receive jackpots for the most obvious bets. However, if a customer is willing to take a risk and gamble on an unlikely outcome in a real field, they can earn winnings with higher odds.


Numerous gambling portals offer different sorts of bets on rugby matches. Almost all of them will differ in crucial features and promising odds. Each selected bet type will provide a unique combination of entirely different outcomes in the final. Therefore, everyone will be able to find a suitable option on which to place their money. 

However, users should remember that the odds use an interesting calculation system. After all, the most promising outcome, which is likely to play out in the end, will not be able to offer considerable winning odds. Therefore, it is up to the bettor to place a more probable bet, receive a small prize, or take a risk and play at high odds.