Lebanon Rugby League elect new board

Lebanon Rugby League has elected a new six-person board who are planning to take the sport into a new era. Mikael Shammas has been confirmed as president, with Wael Harb vice, Nayef Abi Said secretary general, Khalil Azar treasurer and Robin Hachache and James Yammine board members.

In addition, Harb will take the post of executive director, charged with the leadership and management of an executive committee that will look to further the domestic championship, coaching and match official opportunities, and improve communications and commercial opportunities.

“Underlying all, the new LRLF board resolved a strategy of sound governance dedicated to the betterment and wellbeing of the sport within the Republic of Lebanon,” said Shammas. “It is a great honour to be voted president. I am humbled by this privilege to serve and will do my utmost to carry the flag for Lebanon Rugby League’s rich history, while working with all those passionate men and women who have been instrumental in forging this legacy.”

Shammas added: “Lebanon has faced a number and life-changing challenges in the past few years. Yet, throughout it all, its brave and admirable people have demonstrated unwavering resilience. We intend to use those qualities to build the domestic and international game here.”

Harb noted: “In an unprecedented move, we have come together from various clubs to breathe new life into rugby league in Lebanon and propel it to greater heights. Our motto is ‘teamwork towards a common goal.’

“We are implementing a system that looks after all including clubs, universities, schools, and academies. Players, coaches, referees and managers will also receive support from the federation and a clear vision for their paths and careers in the sport. I am thrilled to take on this responsibility and eager to bring our plans to fruition.”