Major Gambling Sponsors in Rugby Leagues

Athletes’ jerseys are a source of great pride and competition for many organizations, as well as significant marketing advantages when their emblem appears on the front. These include, but are not limited to, widespread acclaim, fan involvement, new alliances, encouragement of the sport, and elevated profits. Numerous studies show that betting companies sponsor more than half of international league clubs and events. Over time, rugby has also experienced growth in this culture.

As can be seen on the top betting sites available right now, gambling and rugby clubs around the globe have a long history together. Since rugby is among the fastest-developing sports globally, its fans are equally spreading, increasing a new and broader market for bookmakers and online casinos. Rugby enthusiasts are recommended to check betting sites not on betstop, where they may wager on rugby as well as other sports and receive free spins and welcome bonuses.

Even though the gambling industry has been growing steadily for many years now, it is impossible to ignore the need for expansion and the search for new options. The businesses demonstrated great collaboration with a large number of supporters in rugby, which resulted in their individual achievements. While a significant number of rugby followers will gamble simply because they enjoy it, this goes straight into the pockets of gaming corporations.

Popular gambling companies use rugby sponsorships as part of their mainstream marketing campaigns to build awareness of their brands. As the logo of the sponsor and its brand name are prominently displayed on sportswear, millions of fans will surely notice them. The transformative influence of this sponsorship can lead to significant growth in a given brand’s awareness. In other words, whenever the players wear these logos and kits, it represents an authentic advertisement, which helps in the advertising of the corporation in various ways. 

Largest Rugby League Sponsors

It is difficult to name all companies who sponsors rugby league. However, we may analyze the categories of businesses that are likely to benefit from rugby sponsorships. Examples include even Rugby League World Cup sponsors, The National Lottery. These also include the biggest brands in the world of rugby, such as Gilbert. Further, health businesses are also major rugby league sponsors, and therefore companies like Holland & Barrett and Optimum Nutrition are very appropriate for this purpose as the game is very physical. Recovery is necessary for players since it can be achieved through the consumption of proteins in protein powder, creatine, and other supplements.

Alcohol has also been associated with another influential sponsor, the industry of sports drinks. Often, people think that rugby players and fans are great drinkers; hence, there is a reason for companies specializing in beer brewing to be excited by rugby sponsorships. Such companies provide sponsorship for England Rugby, like Guinness, Bollinger, and Majestic Wine Shops. Of course, many other industries would be willing to pay as Rugby gives them sponsorships of their own.

National Rugby League: SportsBet

The National Rugby League division is the leading club for rugby leagues in Australia, and Sportsbet operates there successfully. Sportsbet was officially appointed the “wagering partner” and agreed to fund the sport in Australia at every level through the agreement. Similarly, SportsBet is engaged with the NRL to increase its digital capabilities as well as the avenues of data analytics, insights, and direct marketing for the league.

Eels: BetM

BetM is a new entrant into the Australian online sports betting market whose intention is to stir things up. This is a digital and LED signage agreement that promotes brand awareness for responsible gambling in digital channels. BetM believes that they are destined to share in the glory, not only on the pitch but also at a wider level in Australian sports.

Sharks: PointsBet

PointsBet Australia has signed an agreement to become the official betting partner for the NRL team, the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks. Branding for PointsBet is on the front, back, and sleeves of the Sharks’ playing jerseys.


In the past, however, the sponsorship of the rugby teams has been more biased. Indeed, for these past years, the gambling industry has expanded its business, and currently, they have a desire to extend their activity all over the world. The operators organized one of the most effective strategies, which involved working together with the biggest clubs during sports events. Today, football clubs and rugby teams are overshadowed by global betting brands. The partnership between the two groups that have won many supporters will ensure success for both parties involved.